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Topic - eVent fabric lifespan.

Taurig - on 28 Jan 2013
I don't want to spark the age-old Gore vs. eVent debate, and I am aware of the current best practice for cleaning and proofing eVent. However, despite my best efforts at maintaining my Rab eVent jacket, its ability to keep water on the outside has nosedived.

'It's not rain, its sweat!' as you may be thinking. I'm sorry, a ten minute walk to the shops in the rain wearing a recently washed and proofed mountaineering jacket should not result in wet shoulders, neck and arms. The last few times I have been out on the hill, I have been wringing water out of my baselayers, whilst my friends in own-brand fabrics have been largely dry besides the usual creep up the sleeves etc.

My jacket is a 2008 model, and I'm just wondering if, after five years of moderate use, the membrane could simply be worn out? When I bought the jacket it seemed like eVent was a bit of a newcomer; anyone else finding that their eVent kit just isn't performing so well after a few years? I'm considering looking at new jackets now, or should I give it one last shot with a double-detergent, double-soap, triple-rinse, quadruple-proof and steam iron blow out? ;-)
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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