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andrusht84 - on 28 Jan 2013
Ok here goes
I have an ongoing problem which I have now had for around two years, when I rotate my upper arm anti clockwise there is a cracking/ grinding sensation and it hurts like hell.
Initially I went to the doctors and was prescribed 3 months of Neurofen anti inflammatory's
I also went for a chest X-ray and I've also had a MRI scan and physio which didn't seem to do anything but be a waste of time.
I went to the pharmacy yesterday to pick up another pack of neurofen because over the past week the problem seems to be getting worse, the pharmacist was shocked to discover that I had been taking Neurofen on/off for two years.
She did mention something called a calcium growth, which I have never heard of.
Does anyone know of anybody else who has suffered with the same condition/symptoms?

Nearly three years ago now I did have a condition in the other shoulder called thoracic outlet syndrome which was operated on ( its basically a blood clot in the clavicle) but my problem is now with the other arm, I just want a bloody break from the pain but unfortunately I'm not in a position to afford going private

Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated as its really starting to get me down now not knowing what the problem is.

Many thanks
andrusht84 - on 29 Jan 2013
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Simon_Sheff - on 29 Jan 2013
In reply to andrusht84:
Doesn't sound nice. Your asking people to diagnose something over the internet which by the sounds of it hasn't been picked up by healthcare professionals who have examined you.

You will get loads of opinions and possibilities no doubt on here, mostly useless.
You need to get your GMP to refer you back to an orthopaedic surgeon (it sounds very localised), and get it looked at. If you don't get any joy ask for a second opinion. MRI's don't pick up all damage.

It does sound like a very localised problem.
Get it seen.
andrusht84 - on 29 Jan 2013
In reply to Simon_Sheff: Thankyou Simon, I've arrange to go and see the doctor again this evening so I shall take your advice and ask to be referred to an orthopaedic specialist and see what happens this time, I'm just so frustrated with it hopefully it shall get sorted eventually.

Thanks again ;)
NottsRich on 29 Jan 2013
In reply to andrusht84: Your symptoms and initial prescription sound similar to mine when I had frozen shoulder. I'm not saying it is that at all though. Maybe you might want to suggest it to your doctor if they're stuck for other ideas.

IF it is this, then you should keep the joint mobile. Anti-inflammatories will allow you to do this.

(I'm not a doctor, or very clever. Go see a doctor.)
andrusht84 - on 29 Jan 2013
In reply to NottsRich: cheers Rich I shall certainly mention that tonight when I see the GP
Thanks fella ;)

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