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Topic - Fitness training / weight loss WITHOUT legwork??

Fiend - on 31 Jan 2013
Read this bit first:

Since 2009 I have had my main iliac and pelvic veins completely sealed by DVT clots. This is permanent and inoperable, and the bloodflow is now taken up by the smaller surrounding veins. This means that my venous return from my legs is extremely slow, and whenever I do any aerobic leg exercise, my legs quickly get filled with de-oxygenated blood and my legs, lungs and heart get exhausted very quickly. I estimate that I am now working at 20-25% of my previous leg fitness - I've gone from running 40+ mins to 10 mins max, and walking uphill I need to stop and rest every few minutes.

(Please read that again before replying, thanks :)).

Other aspects of my legs physical abilities are unaffected e.g. strength - recently did 100kg squats and 130kg deadlifts, as is the rest of my body. The only issue is the blood flow problem, and that is an immovable mechanical issue, so if anyone fancies giving advice like "Oh just MTFU and keep running/walking", please supply your address so I can come round and punch your stupid face to the other side of your fcking head. Other than that, read on:


I would like ideas for alternative exercises that I can try to improve my fitness and lose weight (I have put on a stone since DVTs, solely due to the inability to do "convenient" exercise like running).

I already do the following:

Short runs (2:20 running / 0:40 walking x 5/6 sets)
Arm cycling @ gym
Recumbent cycling @ gym
Rowing @ gym
Swimming (usually around 1km)
Walking to crags as best I can (generally far too exhausting before I can feel any benefits from it)

Needless to say all of this is fcking boring and I hate it, apart from the short runs which are less boring and more painful / infuriating.

I have also dabbled in:

Skiing - surprisingly easy but "slightly" expensive as a regular fitness regime.
Dancing/raving - again surprisingly easy but a lack of regular drum'n'bass / gabber nights around here.

So I would like some other ideas please - or variations on what I already do. Bonus points if it's an activity that doesn't require buying lots of equipment, can be done in adverse weather, and isn't utterly mind-numbingly tedious (wildly optimistic I know).

Fiend x

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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