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Topic - Avalanche (Mountain) Awareness and Rising Standards?

Fultonius - on 04 Feb 2013
After reading the other thread about avalanches in Sneachda (glad every came away relatively unscathed), it got me thinking.

Back in't day I would imagine that most people who ventured out into the hills would have had an apprenticeship working up through winter walking, Grade Is, IIs and then IIIs. (Correct me if I'm wrong as I only started winter climbing around 8 years ago).

Now, with modern tools and the fact that people are fitter, stronger and more technically proficient from indoor climbing, sport climbing, trad climbing etc. it seems as if many people (as I did) just jump straight to around Grade III or IV and basically miss out on a couple of years of plodding up snow slopes and just generally being around potentially dangerous conditions. (buttress routes are much less prone to avalanche...)

So, are people missing out on an education...or have there always been people who jumped a few steps?

I've done around 75 mixed, ice and alpine routes over the last 8 years (which surprises me, I thought it would be more) and have yet to encounter an awkward cornice!!!

I have, however, just been in my first (albeit fairly small) avalanche in cogne, on a mixed buttress route, several days after the last snow...

Stay safe out there folks.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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