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Topic - No need to pay for parking at Pen y Pass !

Sean Toms - on 11 Feb 2013

Over the last 20+ years the parking charges have escalated out of all proportion to inflation at Pen Y Pass & are now 10 a day.

I parked there in December 2012 when myself & two friends climbed Right Hand Trinity being late on arrival & with no change we dumped the car without getting a parking ticket , after finishing the route & returning I had a note on my car saying I had to pay & send my ticket to prove I had.

But I noted that there was no threatened fine or you must pay in X days warning.

I did pay but then I lost the ticket , so I laughingly then awaited the follow up letter & to have to pay twice , 3 months later nothing has happened.

This is because their is NO AUTHORITY to issue fines , if there was this would be made clear on the pay box , as such paying for paying for parking at Pen Y Pass is optional.

You don't believe me try it & see.

On a wider point if there is no authority to issue fines what authority exists to charge for parking in the first place ......., any one fancy joining me on a class action to recover your hundred of pounds of parking charges.

I know there will be a blizzard of "you are selfish & irresponsible" & "these charges are needed to upkeep the car park" responses but get real paying 10 a day to park there is a total joke & a typical lets see if we can quietly get away with it approach from the establishment.

Well stick it to them know it makes sense & it hey don't those little victories over big brother feel good !

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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