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ljm on 12 Feb 2013 - host-2-101-118-249.as13285.net

Does anybody have any experience of Aneto (Pyrenees)? I'll be over there for a week or so soon for some climbing and ski/snowboard mountaineering.

So, any advice on getting up and down Aneto?

sbc_10 - on 12 Feb 2013
In reply to ljm:

Try this thread on a Summer ascent,


but Winter'ish conditions may present new challenges
The Ex-Engineer - on 12 Feb 2013
In reply to ljm: Use skis!

I did it one New Year on foot and walking through waist deep snow sucked, big time. Even worse was watching the locals making short work of the approach using lightweight touring kit.
Gav M - on 12 Feb 2013
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Have climbed it in summer and reckon it would make a fantastic ski mountaineering outing, there are videos of ski descents on youtube.
RockShock on 12 Feb 2013
In reply to ljm:

What sort of information do you need? In general, winter normal route is the same as summer normal route in ascent, while in descent you tend to go directly to the north via glacier.

You have the rough track of winter touring ascent here: http://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=381696

It's a superb route, but leave the skis before the final scramble to the peak (Mahomet's Pass): last year folks were blown to their deaths when passing this part in windy conditions. Also, going there right now check the avy info, most of the Pyrenees is now level "4" so not advised to go anywhere near most of the ungroomed slopes...
Ahh, and last but not least, normally people do not rope for the glacier part: however this year some new crevasses opened close to the path, so best bet is to ask locally in the Renclusa hut about the conditions and need to rope up.

Rob Mason - on 13 Feb 2013
In reply to RockShock: When are you thinking of going? We live in the Pyrenees and have been evacuated from our village for 4 days due to avalanche risk. The Pyrenees currently are world number one for snow depth (nearly a metre more than Mamoth...). No one is going near Aneto this week... It has been crazy.
ljm on 13 Feb 2013 - host-2-101-118-249.as13285.net
Thanks for all your responses, all useful info.

My brother lives near to Huesca, so we'll be based there. He's in touch with local guides and other sources of info, so of course we'll be getting the very latest info before we head off for anything more than a bit of on-piste stuff.

I just roughly(!) translated the most up to date avalanche warning that I could find, and it appeared to suggest improving conditions. That being the case (please do correct me if I'm wrong...), does anyone have any other routes, along the same lines, they would recommend as an alternative or fallback to Aneto?

Thanks very much
ljm on 13 Feb 2013 - host-2-101-118-249.as13285.net
I'm flying to Toulouse on the 18th, staying initially near to Huesca. I haven't heard that my brother's been evacuated just yet, though he does live on his own little mini-mountain!
RockShock on 21 Feb 2013
In reply to ljm:

FYI, if you still can read this:

I am just back from Benasque and the conditions are quite 'interesting'. Most of the south faces are loaded with snow and you can clearly see avy debris all around the south faces. The valleys are absolute snow field - we did some training in the Remuñe valley and it was loaded with more than 3m of snow - precarious traverses on the approach and avalanche debris even in low angle slopes low in the valley.
Northern slopes above Renslusa hut were a lot better with good snow and less windslabs - I am not sure about the Aneto conditions though - approach to Portillon should be fine, but the glacier I didn't see. Best bet to ask in the hut.
Pyreneenemec - on 23 Feb 2013
In reply to ljm:

Don't know if this is too late or nor, but when conditions are risky, El Turbon- 2492m- from the N side starting out from San Feliu de Verri, is a good outing on skis. About 1000m ascent, using skis all the time. Access to San Feliu on the road between Castejon de Sos to Viella, or use the very attractive route up the Isabena valley from Graus to Bonansa.
The views from El Turbon are fantastic, being detached from the highest peaks.

If you have the time, take a look at the hill-top village of Roda de Isabena and perhaps have a bite to eat in the old monastery's refectory, quite an experience. The 'jabali con chocalate' is delicious !


I've done Aneto 6 times on skis. It's probably the best outing in the Pyrénées when conditions are good and you can return to the Hopital de Benasque on the cross-country skiing tracks. We usually camp just underneath ( 200m below) the Renclusa hut, which leaves 1600m ascent / 4 hours.

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