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Topic - Running in shorts

Fredt on 14 Feb 2013
I left the house at 6am yesterday, the car thermometor showed an outside temp of -6 degrees C. A little down the road I saw a young lady running in a vest and shorts. Why?
She's not the only one, I see runners every day wearing shorts, and this country is not renowned for warm temperatures.

My physio has always told me that the knees are particularly susceptible to the cold, and damage can result if exerted when cold. The knee has no surrounding tissue and muscle to protect it from the cold, and the fluid in the joint is not insulated.
Professional athletes warm up gently, and keep the leggings on until the last minute to keep everything warm. A US cycling Team manager used to fine his cyclists if he ever cought them cycling with uncovered knees, unless it was above 70F.

My dad, despite (and probably because of) my nagging insisted on wearing shorts in all weathers when walking, even in a blizzard on Kinder. He needed new knees at age 65, and the surgeon said his shorts habit will have contributed.

I never wear shorts when running, I don't see the point, my Ronnies are the default kit, in any weather. They don't hinder or chafe, I even sometimes wear knee warmers as well (as well as the willie warmer).

So somebody enlighten me, why wear shorts, ever, and especially in sub-zero temperatures?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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