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Fattboyy on 16 Feb 2013 - ppp-94-65-148-160.home.otenet.gr
Just a quick note for all those interested in the new Instinct VS , it appears some have posted incorrect information on this product.
1- These are NOT a Velcro version of the Instinct S or Instinct . They are are a different last and shape , Instinct S and Instinct are the FQ last , the Instinct VS is FV last.
2- They come with a new heel , with less volume and great rubber coverage
3- They use the Vibram XS Edge in Instinct VS for greater stability on micro edges
4- Killer toe patch for hooking

If going to post gear info , get it right will ya!!
And Climb on 17 Feb 2013
Fattboyy:www.scarpa.co.uk/climb/instinct-xsg2/ lace ups use the FQ last
www.scarpa.co.uk/climb/instinct-s-xsg2/ slippers use the FQ last
www.scarpa.co.uk/climb/instinct-vs/ Velcro's use the FQ last

www.scarpa.co.uk/climb/boostic/ boostics use the FZ last

Maybe you know something Scarpa doesn't?
Fattboyy on 22 Feb 2013 - ppp-94-65-128-69.home.otenet.gr
In reply to And Climb: Definitely do not know more than Scarpa , the toe does feel the same as the Instinct S , may be a little less sensitive , but this could be due to the rubber and the extra thickness of it. Thanks for setting me straight here!! The shoe is definitely my favorite ever , the heel is amazing and the fit is perfect. No complaints from this customer , there a master piece
And Climb on 22 Feb 2013
In reply to Fattboyy: I'm getting a pair after my laces give up. The heel is definitely better. Doesn't seem as baggy/wide. I'm sizing them the same as my laces (2 uk sizes down from street shoe size). Half a size smaller and my feet will just about fit in them with plastic bags.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.