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Topic - How to break through the grade plateau???

butterfingerz - on 20 Feb 2013
I have been indoor climbing now for around 3/4 months pretty regularly and the plan is that once the weather gets a bit better my climbing partner and I will get some lead climbing trainig then head on outdoors.

Anyway..... we seem to have stagnated with regards to our grades, we can climb a 4+/5 pretty easily..... but hitting that 5+ just seems to be slightly out of reach!

In my opinion (in my case anyway) this comes down to technique, i find that I am hauling myself up the rock with my arms and only really using my legs for balance. Which i know is totally wrong!

How would you suggest I improve my technique and push past the grade 5?

Just as a bit of background I am 82kg, 5ft 9 gym-rat, so all arms and shoulders really, thats why I guess I favour using my arms when climbing.

I have changed my training from weight lifting to sandbag training and running which will help me cut down to 78kg (my "target" weight). Which is all fine for building the strenth in my legs..... but how do improve my technique and programme my brain to favour my legs over my arms when climbing?

Maybe a silly question.... i dont know?


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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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