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Swaily - on 22 Feb 2013
Managed to tick this classic yesterday. Quick few words about the conditions and a picture!


michael83 - on 25 Feb 2013
In reply to moonman10:

I climbed the route yesterday so could see your footprints in the snow. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like you guys went a bit wrong after your/our pitch 2 (i.e. below the tower). We looked at your steps and double checked the guide book since it had us confused for a minute!(despite having climbed it in summer) the description is definately a bit misleading. The route continues up to the very base of the tower looking down in to Douglas Gibson and then the crux is moving up on to the face of the tower and up from there in to the sentry box as per the summer route. Good effort on the corner you did climb, I looked down it from above the sentry box and it looked steep! Agree that conditions were tough, the snow was no where near as consolidated as it was in the northern corries the day before so we spent a lot of time clearing.

for reference:

This isn't the right way:

Correct way:

Hope this comes across positively and helps others with route finding in the future.


Robert Durran - on 25 Feb 2013
In reply to michael83:

I've approached the tower both ways. I don't think either can be said to be "correct"!
Mark020 - on 26 Feb 2013
In reply to Robert Durran:

One way completely misses out the tower and rejoins the ridge a few feet above the sentry box...

Now that's not "correct"...


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.