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ElBarto - on 15 Mar 2013

On Saturday I was climbing at the top of my limit (6c / 6c+) on crimpy holds then I went climbing again yesterday and started on a 6a+ and there was a crunching sound on the back of my finger joints, afterwards they felt a bit wet too. There wasn't really any pain and I've got no swelling or anything, anyone have any ideas on this?

The joint I'm talking about is the first one down you finger from the knuckle, basically the middle joint of the three on your finger and it was the back / outside of the joint. The opposite side to the way it bends.

Thanks in advance for any advice, I'm seeing a Physio in a few days anyway about something else so I'll ask him then but it would be good if anyone had any ideas.
Climbing Pieman on 16 Mar 2013
In reply to ElBarto: Do you stretch and warm up your fingers? Sorry don't know what it is, but I've had something similar over the years. Best get it diagnosed to be sure it's nothing significant. That said, I have not as I worked out that it was only when I really over used the fingers pushing grades too far or fast. Stepping back in grade overall for a bit, avoiding small holds in warm ups, taking more time to warm up starting on max of 5+ routes, massaging and stretching fingers after climbing, avoiding hard consecutive sessions, "solved" it for me. Returns if I over do it but very rarely, and it's not got worse.
ElBarto - on 16 Mar 2013
In reply to Climbing Pieman:
Thanks for the reply.

I didn't warm up really and I was pushing my self quite bit, probably need to calm it down a little and warm up first. What kind of stretching do you do? Is it the kind of 'standard' finger stretches like bending them back a bit? I just ask because the crunching was behind my fingers and I'm not sure how to stretch that part.

Like I said I'm seeing my physio next week anyway so I'll ask him too.

Thanks again.
Climbing Pieman on 17 Mar 2013
Hi ElBarto,
Assuming nothing particular is wrong with your fingers (get it checked out), I think you may need to accept that you should warm up in future. Give it a try and see what happens. I know many folk don't and seem to get away with it, but I have to warm up, and it helped lots.
I will see if I can find something online as can't effectively describe my various stretches - not just bending them back. Ask your sports physio to show you properly how to do the stretches.
I'll PM you if that is ok if I find an easy way to describe.
ElBarto - on 18 Mar 2013
In reply to Climbing Pieman:

You're probably right on the warm ups so I'll give them ago, I've not needed them really before but I haven't been pushing myself as much before so that could be the reason why I'd need to now.

If you do manage to find something about the stretches feel free to send me a message through here, I'll be seeing my physio tomorrow so I'll ask him then and post back anything useful here encase it's helpful to anyone else.

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