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Scott_vzr on 15 Mar 2013
Fraser on 16 Mar 2013
JLS on 16 Mar 2013
In reply to Scott_vzr:

Might pop down today for a look. It's a shame it's never going to stay paint free for long but this is the world we live in. I blame Thatcher. The wealth trickle down effect has be so successful that the vandals can now afford unlimited quantities of paint. This sort of thing would never happen if we were all poor under a proper socialist government.
aln - on 16 Mar 2013
In reply to Scott_vzr: Looks good. Good to see the enlightened approach from the council in listening to climbers advice. It's a pity Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Council didn't have the same attitude over the years of "stabilization" work then maybe they wouldn't have made such an area of it.
aln - on 16 Mar 2013
In reply to aln: C+KC's work at Auchinstarry I was referring to.
JLS on 16 Mar 2013
In reply to Scott_vzr:

I went for a look. Yeah, generally looks quite good. I'm not sure if they are finished but there are still a couple of bits to do ie the traverse wall below Unforgiven and on the main face below Big Zipper. I'd guess there might be access issues for the stuff below Big Zipper so I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't get done but we'll see.

The few holds I checked appear fine. The crux Toto foothold feels just as slippy to touch as ever. I thought that perhaps the Home Rule foothold had gained a modicum of texture but I may be imagining that.

It looked like a something had been scaled off Old Man's Wall but I thought all the crucial traverse holds were still there.
Jim C - on 17 Mar 2013
In reply to JLS:
> (In reply to Scott_vzr)
> Might pop down today for a look. It's a shame it's never going to stay paint free for long but this is the world we live in. .........

I think you are right, the council have done a good job, but a bit of joined up thinking would have led them to first clear away trees, and old denny pier debris in the area between the football ground and the Castle so that the neds would be less likely to go there as it would be observed. (and make it less like the tip that it is. at the moment)

It also would not be too hard, once that was done, to mount a camera in the fooball ground overseeing the area, again making it less nedfreidly.

But they didn't of course, so all they have done is given them a blank canvas to paint again, and little or no chance of being caught.
Scott_vzr on 18 Mar 2013
In reply to Jim C: All your points are right, it's a tip, literally. It may be more photogenic now. Also, SNH own the rock not the land around it probably.
Kevin Woods - on 18 Mar 2013
In reply to Scott_vzr: Today I filled a couple bags of rubbish from under the Home Rule and around the Suckers. I'm regular Dumby these days, immune to it, and I was pretty shocked (and revolted) at what I picked up. I'll leave it to you to imagine. Genuinely disgusting; so I didn't take the bags away with me in the car. The stadium bins turned out to be recycling only. I left the 2 bags in the access gap in the alleyway for now until I work out what to do with them.

Whole place could do with a major-scale clean, more than a climbers' litter pick up. I second others' thoughts to make moves in keeping the kids away - the problem will just come back as soon as the weather gets warm.

I think I'll stick to climbing for now!!
TCA Glasgow - on 19 Mar 2013
In reply to Kevin Woods and Jim C:

In response to the letter I sent to the Council, Police, HS and SNH etc posted here:


I attended a meeting on Monday 11th March organised by the local Community Police Inspector Coleen Wyllie. Also in attendance were 3 representatives from West Dunbartonshire Council. The meeting was positive with everyone in agreement of the significance of Dumby and eager to make sure the area is improved. All of what is discussed on this thread and more, with regards unsocial behavior, was discussed at the meeting and the Council do have plans similar to those stated by Jim C. However, there are a number of issues going on with regards resources, land ownership, responsibility and future development in the adjacent area. It's all very well to find blame but there is a need to work positively with all those involved if we are going to get the change Dumby deserves. I was surprised to learn that the Police were not as aware of the issues in Dumby as I thought they should be. Fortunately Inspector Wyllie seems very proactive and responsive to the issues I raised in the letter. Given there is only so much resource and the issues going on in the back ground the out come of the meeting can be split up as follows:

Short Term:
As of the meeting the Police have agreed to carry out more regular checks of the area particularly during School holiday periods. Everybody agreed that having the graffiti removed is a positive step and it would be best to try and prevent it happening again. Police urge that we call the local Police Number if you see unsociable behavior. DO NOT call 999 but please do call 01389 822 000 (which will change to 101 on the 1st April).

I'm not sure that CCTV really solves anything as you wouldn't see what is going on in the boulders and it wouldn't prevent graffiti, littering, dog fowling etc. Also, who pays for it? CCTV won't happen in the short term if at all.

We agreed that the weekend of April 20th and 21st would be a good date to aim at for a Community Clean up of Dumby. I'd indicated that there is a huge amount of support from the climbing community for this and that some skilled tree surgeons and landscapers may be willing to give there time to help tidy things up. TCA would also be willing to help promote the weekend and provide some support to getting things started. I'm waiting to here back from Inspector Wyllie about further details but it would be great to start gaining support for this from the climbing community. Please get in touch if you are keen and have useful skills. We'd talked of taking out some of the vegetation and old fencing as a first step. As I say the details were going to be confirmed and I will let folk know once I've been told.

Medium/Long Term:
The Council and Historic Scotland are working on getting a new pathway in to Dumby. The current pathway along the bottom of the cliff is considered unsafe and is also not a pleasant walk. Most people now gain access through the football ground parking and along the edge of the river. As I mentioned above there is work going n in the background to make this happen but it is not going to be a quick process. In the meantime we just have to keep Dumby as clean and tidy as we can and bring unsociable behavior to the attention of the Police. Having a big turn out for the clean up would be a good start.

Hope this helps answer some of you concerns over what will happen to Dumby.
willackers - on 19 Mar 2013
In reply to Kevin Woods:

Me and a few friends organised a clean up a couple of years ago. We contacted the Castle and they kindly agreed to let us dispose of the rubbish in their skip.

It's nice to see the rocks free from all the graffiti, I never had the pleasure of climbing there without it all being covered in paint.

Good work all round, let's hope it all gets sorted and stays that way. I don't care what anyone tells you, Dumby is a lovely place to be. I miss summer evenings after work with all the Glasgow crew! Good times!

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