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UrbanSteve - on 26 Mar 2013

Does anyone know how on earth I get rid of shin splints. They only hurt when I start running and fade after a km or so. It's not unmanageable pain, just a niggle but a niggle I could do with out. Thanks
UrbanSteve - on 26 Mar 2013
P.S. inside right shin.
Aly - on 26 Mar 2013
In reply to smithers25: Have you tried either rolling or aggressively massaging your anterior compartment (the muscle that runs down the front of your lower leg, just lateral/outwards from the shin bone). If this is tender it could be worth giving it a good knead with your thumb whenever you get a chance (yes it will hurt!).

Also try to run smooth, avoid sprints and hard ground.

It worked for me but it would make far more sense to rest it and get some advice from a sports physio rather than strangers on the internet!
UrbanSteve - on 26 Mar 2013
In reply to Aly:

Thanks I'll give it whirl. Rest sucks and I would trust an Internet stranger over a pro physio any day!
wbo - on 27 Mar 2013
In reply to smithers25: Better selection and replacement of shoes, stretching, less stretching, less mileage, more warmup - the answers to this are many.
staceyjg - on 27 Mar 2013
In reply to smithers25:

I would agree with the last poster, I have not suffered with shin splints since purchasing decent trainers, but I found that the only way to stop them once I had them was to not run until I could run without getting them!
sealong2 - on 27 Mar 2013
In reply to staceyjg: Can't tell you what is right or wrong, or advise that the above posts are incorrect, but guessing from your posts that rest is not the answer you wanted to hear! Hence I offer my four penneth.

I have what was called shin splints in both legs, after the GP and 2 different physios it is determined that I don't have shin splints but it is a muscle on the lower inside shin bone. I was encouraged not to rest but to work through the pain building up distance slowly and with regular massaging (this can be by the physio or self administered) much as described by a poster above using your thumbs. Also essential is the stretching post runnung and as often as possible between runs. This has then been supplemented with strengthening exercises and some work on lossening tension in my back and exercises to strengthen my IT band and get my glutes working more effectively as part of the run.

All sounds technical and a lot of effort but has got me from being in too much pain to run at all to half marathon distance, I'm not pain free yet and have bad days (normally from over doing it or not doing my exercises) but I didn't have to stop running!!

A good physio is worth their weight in gold, the challenge is finding one of those good ones!!
climb the peak - on 27 Mar 2013
In reply to smithers25: Hi, I have exactly the same symptoms as you. I've been running quite a lot for the past 2 years.
I actually went to see a physio earlier on today. Turns out I have fallen arches so she suggested some supportive innersoles which I think I'll get and try out. She said the reason I was getting the pain in my shins was because or a muscle in my lower leg that is overcompensating and trying to pull up my arch. She showed me a diagram and everything and seemed to know what she was talking about.
I'm training for a marathon atm and have found that icing my shins for 20 minutes after a run really helps. Also stretching the muscles running along my shins appears to be having some positive effects.

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