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Topic - Wreckers Slab - Speed climb ascent

The Green Giant - on 27 Mar 2013
After climbing wreckers slab more than a few times each, my partner and I decided that to make things more enjoyable we would go for a speed ascent. Armed with one half rope, a limited rack and a bandoleer of quickdraws we set the stop watch to 00:00:00. After a few words of tactic clarity we hit go and off we went.

Starting at the bottom, on belay, Tom moved quickly to create a full 45m between us. Belay devise removed, a quick shout and we were moving fast together. Cruising the cruz, a continuous tug on my harness, letting me know Tom was on easier ground and wanted to go faster. He let out a shout, signalling that I was no longer climbing with the protection of a tight rope, footholds which were previously little and hairy, suddenly became ledges. Smears were the name of the game.

Greeting Tom with a swear word, I ran past him across the ridge, neither of us on belay. Rope stuck, Tom tripping, stop watch stopped: 25:36:07

So (after thinking myself as a writer for the last 15 minutes) I now propose, to any climbers out there thinking (or not thinking) of ascending the great south west test piece, a challenge. Beat the time, with proof, by the end of the year and there's a few beers in it for you. I don't really expect many people to respond to this, but I'm currently in bed unable to move, and Bored senseless. As a side note, are there any other challenges people want to set/have set in the climbing world?


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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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