/ North wales climbing conditions (not winter!)

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catblack - on 27 Mar 2013
So, the original plan was to head to nant peris campsite on good friday and spend a week there trading as much as possible. The weather doesn't seem to be in aggreement. Whilst the idea of spending a week in the cave fills me with joy, just wondering what other trad/bouldering venues might be climable

Does anyone know what the slate or tremadog will be climbable at this time? What about gogarth or porth Ysgo?

I'm guessing the nant peris campsite is covered in snow? Does anyone have any reccomendations for camp sites that might be better/ snow free / sheltered in the area?

Thanks for any advice/recommendations
A Mountain Journey - on 27 Mar 2013
In reply to catblack: The slate was covered in snow on monday and looked pretty bleak for trad climbing. Coastal crags will be a better option, but likely still very cold. Snow cover in Nant wasn't too bad, might be ok for camping there by the weekend. Wind has been howling through the pass though so be worth checking forecast on that
Shapeshifter - on 27 Mar 2013
In reply to catblack:

If it's of any help I drove along the A55 yesterday afternoon and noticed people climbing on Penmaen Head. Not trad/bouldering obviously but might be useful to know as Plan B.
dj_brigham05 - on 27 Mar 2013
In reply to chubbs2: what's tramadog like at mo
Chay - on 27 Mar 2013
In reply to dj_brigham05: Be interested know that too; Think we're heading over to Tremadog this weekend also...
ianstevens - on 27 Mar 2013
In reply to Chay: This isn't first hand info, but a couple of my friends posted some sun-soaked and snow free Tremadog pics on Tuesday. So I'd say it's probably fine.
catblack - on 28 Mar 2013
Thanks everyone, think tremadog will proberly be the best bet by the sounds of it. Had forgotten about the sport on the A55, is Penmaen Head the one where you park outside a pub, i'm sure i've seen pictures of people belaying from their car somewhere in that area!

Thanks again
Chay - on 28 Mar 2013
In reply to ianstevens: Thanks for that Ian.

I thought as much; Tremadog is usually fine when everywhere else is wet/snowy, always been my poor weather alternative.

Might see a few of you there on Sunday.
Chay - on 28 Mar 2013
In reply to catblack: That's castle Inn quary you're thinking of; you can belay from the car there! Nice climbing; however, I think the pub is no longer open but I may be wrong..

Sam Marland - on 28 Mar 2013
In reply to catblack: Friend of mine came up from Tremadog today and said conditions were good. No snow at all at the crags. He thinks the snow line is about 250m.
davegs - on 01 Apr 2013
In reply to Chay:

The pub has been closed for quite a few years. Access is a bit tighter as the new owners have put up barriers, although you can access all the routes.

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