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Topic - One broken spoke

I was getting the bikes out of the shed at the weekend and swapping studded tyres for normal (of course it snowed again the next night!) when I noticed a loose spoke on the back wheel of my mountain bike. What had happened is the flanged end (if that is the right word) that holds the spoke to the hub has snapped off meaning the spoke can just slip out of it's hole in the hub.

The wheels are the original that came with my now 7 or 8 year old Kona Blast. It wasn't a super expensive bike; maybe 500 quid or so - so very 'mid range' but the wheels have to my mind been absolutely fantastic. I ride it virtually solely off road and around here that's over and through a lot of rocks. I don't aim to get 'big air' much, but it gets jumped around and off things lots when riding in the woods. The wheels have stayed true and just seem super tough - this is the first issue I've had with them.

So, it seems one option is to try and work out what size the spoke is and just replace that one broken one - but I know very little about wheel building and don't know how much tightening it would need etc. Or, option 2: figure that if one spoke has broken, that's a sign that the wheel has done very good service but is probably reaching the end of its life and I should replace it before it fails in some more dramatic manner.

Any thoughts from the hardcore MTB folks out there?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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