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shane_b - on 08 Apr 2013
Hi Everyone,

I am currently planning an extended climbing trip, Asia, Canada, New Zealand pretty much where ever the notion takes me. Looking into annual insurance they all seem to include a 90 day max trip length and some even a 180 total days clause.

Does anyone know a company that doesn't have this,
or if "a trip" start when you enter a new country, therefore as long as I most every 3 months I'll be fine. I will be doing this in most places anyway for VISA reasons anyway ?

Any info, or people that have gone through this mine field before ?

- S
ElBarto - on 08 Apr 2013
In reply to shane_b:
Sorry I don't really have any advice but I'm looking into the same thing myself so hopefully someone here has an answer. Maybe try Travel Nomads I've been recommended them generally but not actually looked in to it myself.

I believe a trip starts as soon as you leave the originating country.
scott titt - on 08 Apr 2013
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Try talking to the BMC 0161 445 6111 , you want to talk to Ray Perry
0161 438 3316 ray@thebmc.co.uk but he only is in days a week.
joshen - on 09 Apr 2013
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the annual policies are for people going on more than one normal holiday in a year, hence the trip limit. look for backpackers policies, they should offer the duration yo
u need.
damowilk on 09 Apr 2013
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I'll add my usual caution: be careful that you don't take out a policy for part of your trip that can't be used this way; most policies have to be to and from your home country for the entire duration of your trip, otherwise they are void, they WILL NOT pay out if you have a hefty medical claim for example, and from the evidence they'll ask from you it will be fairly obvious that this was the case.
When I was in a similar situation, I went for a cheaper extended trip policy, I think from STA, then used one of the more specialist and expensive policies that you can get for part of a trip, like Nomad Travel, for the higher altitude climbing sections exempted by STA. I used IHI, but I'm not sure if they still cover part trips, you would need to check.

Bottom line is don't give an insurance company an excuse not to pay out for a claim, and medical bills can run to in excess of $100,000.
neil9216 - on 09 Apr 2013
In reply to shane_b:

Hi I,m currently on a round the world trip(total time one year)
I had the same problems as you.
The best quotes I could find were from Travelweb insurance who are a sister company of Columbus direct,

try both as quotes can vary drastically year to year.

I paid around 800 quid for a years cover for 2 people.

I,m covered for

High Altitude walking (No upper limit)
Mountaineering (4000m)
Rock Climbing/ice climbing

There are a range of different options to fit your needs.

hope that helps


1poundSOCKS - on 09 Apr 2013
In reply to shane_b: Avoid STA Travel insurance, and always check the small print to see what the exemptions are, you might be surprised how poor the cover actually is.

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