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Mr Fuller on 08 Apr 2013
A friend of mine is looking for some early feedback on a concept for sleep systems. What do you think of this?


Is anyone interested in a system like this? Please comment away...
Neil Williams - on 08 Apr 2013
In reply to Mr Fuller:

I think that would feel quite claustrophobic. Though I'm one who would take the hit of carrying extra weight for the comfort of a decent sized tent.

James Dunn - on 08 Apr 2013
In reply to Mr Fuller: Get some one to proof read stuff before you release it, not to sound negative but it annoys a lot of people and comes across as unprofessional. Some of the sentences in there didn't make sense, may be a translation error but still...and there seems to be little/no text highlighting the benefits over a modular three-piece system.

As for the system, I fail to see any advantages over a modular mat/bag/bivvy system? And the disadvantages are that it isn't modular, so you can't use the parts independently or adjust parts of the system depending on the use - i.e. I often camp in the winter with a good bag, and infrequently bivvy in the winter - with a separate bivvy sack and good bag I can do both easily, but it would seem more hassle with this system, so I wouldn't bother.

Just some food for thought, hope its helpful and good luck!
gethin_allen on 08 Apr 2013
In reply to Mr Fuller:
By pole free and air insulated I'm guessing It's an inflatable tent with tweeks. These have been done before and all have issue IMO. I struggle to see how you will be able to make a product that will be lighter and more flexible to use than a three part system. Anything combining these three will either be big, heavy and bulky or not warm enough. Also, what happens when the weather changes? In a 3 part system you can swap the bag or mat for something lighter.
Mr Fuller on 08 Apr 2013
In reply to Mr Fuller: Thanks all, this is really helpful. Don't worry, be as honest as you like as it's neither my product nor my friend's!
m0unt41n on 08 Apr 2013
In reply to Mr Fuller: Figure 2 shows a huge amount of space being heated to +25C with rest of space -15C. Your body cant heat this volume or air up. At -15C you need a fairly tight mummy bag. I've often tried using my semi rectangular base camp bag higher up and therefore colder and have never been able to get it warmed up. Always end up with a narrow mummy bag.
Ramblin dave - on 08 Apr 2013
In reply to Mr Fuller:
My two pence..

Some reasonable criticism here, although the basic idea of separating the bit that needs to be roomy and breathable - ie the bit where your head goes - from the bit that needs to be warm but light - ie the rest of it - seems interesting. Integrating the mat and the sleeping bag is another good idea (that I think has already been tried elsewhere) as you aren't carrying around a load of stuffing that you'll just render ineffective by squashing it when you're lying down.

As far as I'm concerned, not being able to get my arms near my head would be a deal breaker, although I'm kind of a fidgety sleeper.

The point that it's much less flexible and harder to replace / upgrade / repurpose than a three part system is a valid criticism: most people who go out in the cold will want to own at least a sleeping bag a and a mat for normal camping, bothies etc, so I think it'd have to be very effective indeed or be a lot less expensive than you'd expect for it to have much of a market...
Mr Fuller on 08 Apr 2013
In reply to Mr Fuller: Cheers guys, that's really useful criticism. It's good to hear these points from Joe Public and a potential end user. If I were commenting on the thing it would be somewhat more damning...
captain paranoia - on 08 Apr 2013
In reply to Mr Fuller:

I'm unclear as to what is providing the insulation.

I'm unclear as to why the head end stays at -15C. This seems to be wasting quite a lot of the expelled heat (from breathing). At first, I thought the it included some kind of heat exchanger, to extract this heat from expelled breath and send it to the body part.

I think I'd like my head to be a bit warmer than -15C...

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