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Topic - Question: Ethics of developing projects in public parks.

Steve nevers on 09 Apr 2013
Hell there,I'd thought i'd pick peoples brains on this, as I've been eyeing up a couple of lumps of rock on the edge of a park near me, and before i storm in there and offend anyone by cleaning up small parts each and falling off them a bit, I'd as the advice of the more experienced in these matters. Also the two different rocks have their own possible issues despite being pretty close together, so maybe if i detail them both you can tell me best practice for each?

1st one: Little jagged collection of aretes,
Barely needs a clean, just maybe a foot of ivy in places at the top and a few holds cleaned but thats it. clean flat landing, but very public, being yards from the public footpath through the park, although the problems would be low grade fun short problems, not anything worth much of a deathscream about!

2nd one: small over hanging, mini-'cave' kind of thing.
Loads of over hanging ivy needs clearing, fair bit of surface cleaning on the rock underneath, decent landing but with brambles that need taming not gutting, and is tucked further away from the more commonly used areas of the park.

Both are Bristol Sandstone, Along the Danny.

I'm aware of things to do such as avoid over cleaning & over chalking (or chalk totally when possible), cleaning any chalked holds gently before leaving, Tidying up, respectful noiselevels etc,
Also contacting people about others that may have developed these rocks before (1st looks likely, 2nd is very overgrown so noones touched that for a long time), respecting local wildlife, changes in access etc.

TL:DR Any advice? I'd quite like to have some fun developing some problems but i don't want to be a dick about it, any advice of how to go about it in a respectful manner would be appreciated.

Also if anyone knows the crag mod for that area of Bristol and could put me in touch with them would be grand.

I also promise to never tickmark holds, always place my google maps makers in the wrong place, and produce one sentence typos teamed with some squiggly lines over a photo. I'll try and avoid the last two.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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