/ Mid Wales tomorrow - good day route?

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Jim Houghton - on 11 Apr 2013
Dear all,

Am in Mid-Wales tomorrow and at a loose end. Wondering if anyone can recommend a good, interesting, relatively short route around the Cadair area? Thinking scrambly type of arete/ridge thing a la Tryfan/Crib Goch. Does any such thing exist in the area?


In reply to Jim Houghton: Best ridge in the area is the Cyfrwy Arete on Cadair, but it's a lot harder than Tryfan or Crib Goch. If Diff climbing sounds a bit much then maybe think about a walk around the Cwm Cau skyline instead (also on Cadair) - very scenic and pretty short
Jim Houghton - on 12 Apr 2013
In reply to Jim Houghton: Thanks Dan. I found the arete in my guide but reckon it might be a bit much for today - seems like most pitch some bits and i've not got a partner. Is all the interesting scrambling in the area on Cader?

Dave Williams - on 12 Apr 2013
In reply to Jim Houghton:

As Dan rightly says, Cyfrwy, though excellent, is on the cusp between an easy rock climb and a hard scramble and is very condition dependent. If you want a relatively short but enjoyable scramble, this may be more suitable: http://www.ukscrambles.co.uk/routes/scrambling-routes/scrambles-in-wales/cadair-idris/tapia-llwydion

The route is easy to follow and you can make it as hard, or as easy as you like as all difficulties are avoidable. It's described as a Diff rock climb in "Scrambles and Easy Climbs in Snowdonia" but, as the linked description says, it isn't anywhere near as hard as that. My only concern would be that there could still be quite a lot of snow on Tapia Llwydion. Provided it's not misty, the route can easily be checked from Llyn Cau. If it's not in suitable condition, then I'd do as the circuit of Llyn Cau as Dan suggests.


In reply to Jim Houghton: Mostly, I think. There's some in the Rhinogs too but it's scrappy DIY sort of stuff in my experience. That said, if you can forego a classic scramble then a half day on either R Fach from Cwm Nantcol or or R Fawr from Cwm Bychan is well worth considering. Some of the best rough walking in Wales. I'd narrowly favour Rhinog Fawr from Bychan - go up the Roman Steps then follow your nose past Llyn Du to the top.

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