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mutt - on 24 Apr 2013
Following on from the would you invest thread -

Would you join a club whose sole purpose was to put up a bouldering/climbing wall within a usable distance of your house, and run it for the benefit of the members as a charity.

This seems to be the model that sailing clubs use, and the transition allotments near where I live.

The benefits being getting a wall put up, paying only for the costs of the wall, being in a focused community of like minded climbers and being insulated from the risk of a commercial wall going up nearby taking away the market (presuming that the community wall has much lower costs associated due to charitable status - so should stay cheaper to use)

Downside also being it would likely put of commercial parties investing in a wall nearby.
Ander on 24 Apr 2013
In reply to mutt:

Wouldn't be sufficient return, or you'd need a very rich benefactor, which wouldn't be much like joining a charity.
Ava Adore - on 24 Apr 2013
In reply to mutt:


Climbing isn't sufficiently important to me to want to have somewhere close by to train regularly. I like the flexibility of being able to go to different walls and meet different people.

And I don't have enough money!
krank - on 24 Apr 2013
In reply to mutt:

i do this, its amazing, i can climb 24/7, i just turn up and let myself in.

i would guess theres plenty of Co-op walls about you just need to find one
cb_6 - on 24 Apr 2013
In reply to mutt: If I had nowhere else to climb then maybe. As it is, living in London, there's no shortage of walls.
tlm - on 24 Apr 2013
In reply to mutt:

I'm not sure that one wall being created puts others off. Commercial walls generate new users - people who want to only climb indoors, people who want to learn to climb, children's birthday parties. They can't make enough money by only catering for existing climbers. Peterborough club opened their own wall, but it was a lot of work and means an individual with a lot of spare time (retired) has to be very keen to do this!
cuppatea on 24 Apr 2013
In reply to mutt:

If a local barn (or similar free/peppercorn rent building) could be found and the local club clubbed together 50 or 100 quid each to build a wall that was close by then I'd cough for it. I'm on a tight budget, but if it was close enough to pop out for a couple of hours here and there then it would save a lot of fuel.

mutt - on 24 Apr 2013
In reply to cuppatea:

100 members @ 100 quid = 10000/yr

business loan ? maybe able to borrow 100,000. ???

would that build a wall? mind you the running costs and insurance probably swallow up most of the 100 so maybe its a non-starter. At least sailing clubs have more than their fair share of affluent members. climbers are a bit more poverty stricken in my experience!

Another good idea wrecked on the rocks of reality to use a sailing metaphor
Kieran_John - on 25 Apr 2013
In reply to mutt:

I'd certainly do that if it was near. Not just for the climbing but for the fun of building it, setting it, meeting folks with similar interests etc.

I'm pretty sure however that nearby to me I could count how many climbers there are on one hand (I'm in Castleford).
martinph78 on 25 Apr 2013
In reply to mutt: It doesn't have to be run as a charity, in fact charitable status might be hard to get.

It can be run as a not-for-profit organisation though, like the BMC.
New POD - on 25 Apr 2013
Kilnworks in Stoke on trent is a community facility, built with grants, and has an aim of involving disadvanaged sections of the community.

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