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Topic - Top rope solo's using a shunt (again!)

cwood2887 - on 04 May 2013
OK first I know millions of posts exist but non really give a concise idea and I have read the pages on the Petzl site.

I have some experience of using ropes in tree climbing and have 2nd' on trad routes a few times.
I boulder reasonably consistently at around 6b and free solo'd a few v, diff (which isn't really something I want to improve on!) but due to family commitments, finances etc. can't travel/ don't have a great deal of time/ don't have a climbing partner etc. etc. never get a chance to climb much proper stuff.
I understand the risk of top rope solo and that it is not the ideal situation but in my position feel it is a viable option for me to get some routes in safely.

I have several crags locally with good anchors for top roping (trees, concreted fence posts) up to around the 30 meter mark.
At this stage I intend to climb within my limits where a fall is relatively unlikely but I am not confident to free solo...

My intention would be to half a dynamic rope and use a Shunt on the climbing line backed up by clipping into knots on the trailing line, with both weighted at the bottom.
What I'm not really sure about is should the rope be "free" on the anchor so it equalizes (as I believe Petzl suggested before removing guidance on using Shunt for TR) or should It be tied at the mid point and clipped to the anchor via a sling?

Or would it be better just to use a single line tied off at the anchor and tie knots below the shunt for back-up, thus not accounting for rope failure which is unlikely on proposed routes as they have curved mostly vegetated top outs.

I welcome any comments, suggestions, abuse for starting yet another thread on this.
Or offers of a sporadic local belay partner in Stirling area!

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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