/ Font for the first time any advice on travel?

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peggalex - on 06 May 2013
Hi. Was wondering if i could get some advice on the cheapest and best way to Font this year and the best time to go. Any advice on Hiring equipment such as Bouldering Pads, or how you can take your own on a cheap option. So far i have been hearing that driving to Font will be the best option, but i was just wondering if anybody did it another way on a cheap budget say 200-300 All together for 9 days.


craig1983 - on 07 May 2013
In reply to peggalex:

Depends where you're travelling from as to the best way to travel!
ti_pin_man - on 07 May 2013
In reply to peggalex: we drove over last year and did a week in a Gite but the Gite would blow your budget, guess camping is your best option. If you drive take your own gear. The forest is so full of climbs I think you can climb there all year if you know whats dry, I only went in the summer and then its more important to keep shaded.
getandy - on 07 May 2013
In reply to peggalex: I am currently planning a trip out in july which should come to about 300 (including food). The Eurostar is really cheap about 70 quid return to get to font taxis to campsite may add on a bit more though so about 100 quid to the campsite return. Camping is definitely the best option but as to whether or not to drive it kinda depends on the areas you hope to visit and where you want to camp. The campsite in milly-la-foret is quite expensive but gives you access to a very large district of boulders.
Tommy Moore - on 07 May 2013
In reply to peggalex: Well I did a month there, including 3 days in Paris, plus transport there and back for less than 600.

I found coach (national express/eurolines) to be the cheapest way to travel (other than hitching).

There is a pizza shop that loans pads - they also own a Gite in St. Martin en Biere. 7eur a day or 40eur a week, something like that.
Tommy Moore - on 07 May 2013
In reply to peggalex: The campsite at Samoreau is 7eur a night (1 person 1 tent) the campsite near Milly (La Musardiere) is 10eur a night (1 person 1 tent) but is much better located - walking distance to 95.2, 91.1, Roche aux Sabots, Cul de Chien, Rocher Fin, Gorge aux Chats etc.
Bruce Hooker - on 07 May 2013
In reply to peggalex:

I'd advise going by car if you can - as long as there are at least two of you it's cheaper than other methods by my calculations. But more important it enables you to visit many areas, not just be stuck in the most crowded ones and also to get to various towns in the evening or on rainy days. There's pretty well no public transport in the area and it's a very big forest... by car you can nip over to Milly la Foret, Fontainebleau town etc to buy food - on foot you would be a bit stumped.

You could just go alone take a light tent and bivvy and wander about and have a very intense, immersion style visit - there are still areas where you can feel very alone in the evening and feel the mysterious side to the area that you miss in the flesh-pots... but that's a question of taste.
coombsy - on 08 May 2013
In reply to peggalex:

Travelled down from Yorkshire a few times now and found that 200 to 300 quid for the week is dead do-able. Ferrysavers is a good website to find a cheap crossing. Fiddle around with crossing times and choose a dead of night crossing and the price can drop a fair bit. We've had a 4 in a car and with a return crossing fee of 45, we've only paid 10 each. Fab. Dover - Dunkerque can be slightly cheaper than Dover - Calais.
Petrol - wise, for the return trip from Yorkshire and driving to different areas/shopping whilst there, we use about 3 and a half tanks of fuel. Price is obviously car and number of people dependent.
There's a lovely campsite at Grez sur Loing 5k south of Font on the N7. Approx 6 euros pp/pn. A field where you're allowed open fires and a plentiful supply of firewood in the woods cuts down cost of gaz. Boulangerie and small Spa - like shop in village are great, fairly cheap and open at the times of day you need.
Hope you get out there and have a top time!
BossHog - on 09 May 2013
In reply to peggalex: Went this time last year, me and the Mrs drove directly there, probably cost all in all about 180 travel but we did have a cheeky stop in Amsterdam on route back. Well worth the drive, all the places are quite a distance apart and public transport between them would be a ball ache. And if you go by car you can ram you boot full of cheap vino for when you get home!!

Enjoy, its briliant there!!!

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