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Tomar - on 07 May 2013
I have spent my first session on Right Hand Man in Cheddar yesterday and successfully worked out a sequence for the crux which goes more or less like this:

1) from the large (obvious) undercut pocket I go on the good but sharp crimp with my right hand
2) sort my feet out and go straight up to another sharp crimpy gaston with left hand and then bump up (again left hand) to a small smooth gaston/sidepull and straight away I go with my right hand (hard move) to the very poor crimpy/pinchy hold just a few centimeters to the right of the gaston
3) swap feet and go onto more positive holds on the left
4) then do a dynamic egyptian move with high right foot (hard move) to a good square side pull
5) Move feet up and reach good hold up and right

I am very happy with my achievements so far but given the number of holds on the route I imagine there are various ways to the crux and I would be interested to know how others have done it, might help refining my beta which basically seems to be two short but hard sequences in succession.
cornishben - on 29 May 2013
In reply to Vertigo1: how do you get your left hand in the undercut pocket to start the crux?

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.