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Lizz_m on 15 May 2013

Kinda as the title says really
I was wondering if anyone else on here has a space on the Conville Course on the 19th - 21st June?

Thought it would be nice to know a name or two before we go and maybe look at helping with transport etc.
spenser - on 16 May 2013
In reply to Lizz_m: Hi Lizz, apparently there was a dropout from the course and I've taken their place. I'll be travelling down from the Loughborough area, I've not had time to look at transport yet though.
Lizz_m on 17 May 2013
In reply to spenser:
Really good to have found someone else!
I have now booked transport - I booked the coach from London to Chamonix, £45ish my mate joining me afterwards just found flights at about £50-60 (london to geneva) and a cheep connection from geneva at £10ish. So might be a more sensible option it doesn't take 24 hours!
I'm getting a train down to London on the 15th to catch the bus early on the 16th, as didn't trust the bus that got in at the start time!
spenser - on 17 May 2013
In reply to Lizz_m:
Are those costs for flights each way or return? I'll probably go for the option of flying as it looks to only be a little bit more after trains and transfers etc and doesn't take anything like as long. Are you going to be staying after the course to get more stuff done? I am looking at staying until the 27th but need to figure out what gear I am taking.
NottsRich on 17 May 2013
In reply to Lizz_m: Hi Lizz, I'm not on your particular course but you've caught my interest with your cheap Geneva/Chmonix connection. Would you mind sharing where you found it? Thanks!
sam_owen41 - on 17 May 2013
In reply to Lizz_m:
Hey I'm on the 19-21st course as well! I see ur from harrogate I'll be popping into the climbing wall tomorrow (saturday) for a bit so if u fancy a bit of a climb drop me a message! Also r either of u thinking of staying out there after the course?
spenser - on 17 May 2013
In reply to sam_owen41: Hi Sam,
I'm planning on staying out until the 27th of june.
NWeinzweig on 17 May 2013
In reply to Lizz_m:

I'm on the 19th-21st course too! I've just moved up north not too far from harrogate so would be nice to meet some of you before going. I'm sadly working tomorrow but plan on checking out the harrogate wall soon.
I'm also staying out after the course until the 24th so keen to do some more routes.
sam_owen41 - on 17 May 2013
In reply to Lizz_m:
Nice one well I hope to get out climbing most weekends till the course so drop us a message if ur heading out in the lake/dales/peaks. This Sunday I'm hopefully head to borrowdale if ur over tht way. I'm staying out till the 24th and will be well up for getting some stuff done.
Lizz_m on 17 May 2013
Flights are one way - a mate is meeting me after the course and we are planning on staying around till about the 2nd July exact dates and end location to be confirmed once we get there and know conditions etc more. Where thinking of probably trying to do a long distance walk or something the lower Haute route would be perfect but weather... But would be up for other suggestions and doing something as a larger group too! looks like a bunch of us will still be up there.
I'm getting the coach, but have asked my mate for the flights and transfer details so will get back to you on that one.
Sam_owen and NWeinzweig- I'm working tomorrow I'm afraid then off to PYB on Sunday for a mock student day - Hoping to head down to the wall on Tuesday eve if that suits?

spenser - on 19 May 2013
In reply to Lizz_m:
Cheers for that Lizz, having spoken to a mate at uni who did this a couple of years ago I'm going for the bus option as well, I should be able to borrow all of the gear that I will need to stay after the course from the club so my bag may weigh a fair bit! I will ask him for advice on specific routes when I see him next week. I'm trying to see how long I can string out my stay before I book the bus back as I may need to move house on 1st of july.
NWeinzweig on 19 May 2013
In reply to Lizz_m:
I have a day off on Tuesday so keen to head to somewhere in the dales and/or the wall at harrogate depending on the weather if anyone else is free?
Alchemist - on 19 May 2013
In reply to Lizz_m: Hi All, I am on the 22nd to 24th course and will be staying out untill the 29th June. will very much like to do some climbing on the days after the course. look forward to hearing from you

naomi.dodds on 21 May 2013
In reply to Lizz_m:

Hello everyone,

Im also on the 19th-21st course, flying into Geneva on 18th and staying for a few days after. Is anyone else flying out? Has anyone booked camping/accomodation yet?

Im based in Swansea so Harrogate is a little far to come join you all for some climbing, but I look forward to meeting you all in the Alps!

Lizz_m on 21 May 2013
In reply to NWeinzweig:
Hey what did you end up doing? Assuming you went further afield than the wall? Just stopped after getting in from work - sorry i didnt get this message before.
Not sure I'll make it to the wall tonight.
Hope you had a great day in the sunshine when we got it!
Lizz_m on 22 May 2013
Flight and Bus info:
Hey, just go the flight and bus info off my mate - he is using easy jet for flights and alpybus.com for bus transfer. Bus is regular every 30 min or so it seems.

Lizz_m on 22 May 2013
In reply to naomi.dodds:
Look forward to meeting you to - should be an epic trip! How long you planning on staying around after for?
NWeinzweig on 22 May 2013
In reply to Lizz_m:
I didn't make it out on tuesday in the end, sad times. Planning on going to Crookrise on Sunday though.
as for transport stuff, I'm flying with easyjet and getting alpybus from geneva onwards.
saillord - on 23 May 2013
In reply to Lizz_m:
Hello all
I am also on this course and will be around till the 11th or 12th of July.
Lizz_m on 24 May 2013

Anyone booked the campsite yet?
Also been looking at sleeping bags today a -5 - -7 comfort rating with -12ish as lower comfort should be fine right? (trying to talk myself into getting a new one...)
Petarghh - on 24 May 2013
In reply to Lizz_m: You cant book the campsite you just turn up (if you're going to the argentiere site)

Ive used everything from a +2 bag to a -5 rated bag and never had a problem, had to wear a primaloft jacket in the lighter bag.

Lizz_m on 24 May 2013
In reply to Petarghh: Wicked thanks
Saillord: - think your going to be about for longer than most of us - im about till the 4th with a mate not too sure what we have planned yet
Everyone - We finish on the Summer Solstice - Alister Humphreys is doing a big microadventure thing for it http://www.alastairhumphreys.com/summer-solstice-microadventure-challenge/ - now we are already in an amazing location and away from home, but would be great to do something to mark the longest day on our final day. Any ideas?
saillord - on 25 May 2013
In reply to Lizz_m:
We are at the campsite at the moment, you can't book its just turn up and see.
You might want a warmish bag as its snowing right now and has been on and off for the last couple of days. Hopefully it will warm up in the next few weeks.
spenser - on 25 May 2013
In reply to Lizz_m: We could possibly do a longer route if it's looking like good weather and bivvy it? I've done bivvying before in the middle of winter and it was pretty grim, not sure how cold it will be at night. A friend who did the course a couple of years ago suggested I do this as I mentioned having a day to kill before the course starts:
Apparently it will only take half a day so it'd be possible to go and do a bit of sport in the afternoon if people are keen. It's a "grade 3 scramble with a pitch of mod at the start" so not especially strenuous but should be pretty impressive, there's no glacier crossing required so you can just treat it as a really easy quite exposed trad climb.
What are people keen to do after the course? Obviously there's the alpine mountaineering, plenty of ice climbing (if you have access to the kit), some sport and I'd imagine there's a bit of trad about as well.
Out of interest, what are people's climbing backgrounds?
I'm mostly into trad and some bouldering but I only started climbing regularly back in october so I'm still fairly new to it, I'm leading between severe and VS mostly at the moment.
Lizz: I will be catching the bus down on the 16th as well, trying to sort out when I am travelling back at the moment as I am moving house either immediately before or immediately after I travel back.
Petarghh - on 25 May 2013
In reply to spenser:
. It's a "grade 3 scramble with a pitch of mod at the start" so not especially strenuous but should be pretty impressive, there's no glacier crossing required so you can just treat it as a really easy quite exposed trad climb.

Its about 4 pitches of exposed Vdiff to severe with the crux at easy VS in a slippery corner with a rusty old peg for protection, then either two short abseils or one long one back down (60m rope for longer one) - theres a nice 5+ / 6a bolted pitch you can start with too IIRC.

You can do it in about 45 mins lift - summit - lift if you move together.
spenser - on 25 May 2013
In reply to Petarghh:
Thanks, looks like my friend was being a little optimistic with the grade, the rusty old peg doesn't exactly sound ideal but I've been told I'll be abseiling using quite a few of them!
Dean hepworth - on 25 May 2013
In reply to saillord: what's it like for picking food in in local super markets etc, will I get away will going without a stove? Cheers
Petarghh - on 25 May 2013
In reply to spenser: Most of the classic routes have bolted abseils that are well equipped, ive done some dodgy abseils on less well travelled routes, but its all part of it.

the index is a nice little route to do after the conville though. as is the Chappelle de gliere (i think its spelled like that) which is a longer route close to the index

the dreaded cosmiques arete shouldnt be ruled out if you only have one day (unless its a weekend then sack it off all together)

http://www.ukclimbing.com/logbook/c.php?i=69203 this would be much less busy and is nice too.
saillord - on 26 May 2013
In reply to Dean hepworth:
The supermarkets are ok a small one in Argentiere and a couple of larger ones in Chamonix which is 10 to 20 mins on the bus (which is free when staying in the valley). As most places are closed in Argentiere at the moment I cant coment on how easy eating out would be, but there are lots of food places in Chamonix, I will ask the campsite tomorrow.
Dean hepworth - on 27 May 2013
In reply to saillord: ah thank you, so I will need to take a stove then
NWeinzweig on 06 Jun 2013
In reply to Lizz_m:

any of you going to the bmc lakes climbing festival this weekend?
spenser - on 06 Jun 2013
In reply to NWeinzweig:
Unfortunately I'm stuck inside revising while it's nice and sunny outside, I doubt I'll get out for any climbing before I leave for the course unfortunately.
My copies of the alpine club guidebooks have just turned up, I'm beginning to get really quite excited!
Lizz_m on 11 Jun 2013
In reply to spenser:
Think the weather is looking pretty questionable Sounds like a nasty mix of wind rain and snow has been falling form what I can gather. Thinking my plans to do the haute route with my mate afterwards are somewhat flawed...
Though more advice on this from sailord would be great!

My climbing background is pretty non existant - I am a walker and scrambler who used to teach people on the ice wall at Brighams so all top roped. Have done some indoor climbing but really not much though was taught how to lead, not done any outdoor climbing.

Spencer will be good to see you on the bus! Good luck with the house move!

paulmck - on 11 Jun 2013
In reply to Lizz_m: Hi Lizzy. You can't predict the weather in Chamonix more than 48 hours ahead really so I wouldn't worry too much at the moment. If you are looking at alternatives to the haute route, have a look at the Aiguille du Tour from the Albert 1er hut as a route. You can bivi behind the hut if you want to keep costs down and the route would be well within your capabilities. You will need a rope though (30m should be enough) but no climbing gear is needed other than crevasse rescue stuff. Dome du Miage is another great non-technical route. 50m rope on that might be better as the glacier approach can be a bit awkward but should be alright this early in the season.
If you can get a copy of this it will give you even more ideas http://www.needlesports.com/Catalogue/Books-Maps-DVDs/Foreign-Climbing-Guides/Europe/France/Mt-Blanc...

Have a great time out there.
Lizz_m on 12 Jun 2013
In reply to paulmck:

Reassuring to hear about the weather!

Thanks for this info too! Thinking I wont take the rope atm its not dry treated , but thanks for the suggestions. Have a feeling we are going to stay pretty low for the walking stuff but my walking partner is looking into getting crampons - but only for emergency use he has stiff b0's not enough time to wear in a new boot now, and an ice axe.
Beginning to think we will take it as it goes and on a day by day basis really, there look like there are a lot of us about due to all the pyb courses so hopefully something fantastic will all fall into place!

Was thinking of the ciserone walks in mont blanc book and the Mountain Adventures: Chamonix one, the link cut off on the exact one you were suggesting.

Once again thanks!

paulmck - on 13 Jun 2013
In reply to Lizz_m: I'll be at the Harrogate wall on sunday with Kat Crocker (don't know what time yet though). If you are nearby I can lend you the book and a dry treated 50m rope or I can pass them on to Kat to pass on to you.
Once you have been on the course, I suspect it will be very difficult to stick to lower level walks - the glaciers and mountains there are just fantastic.
Your friend should be able to hire stiffer boots and crampons in Chamonix. Not ideal but if its only for a few days it may be ok. Also, take a look at the Mont Blanc Multi Pass if you are going to be using the lifts a lot.
Lizz_m on 16 Jun 2013
In reply to paulmck:

Paul! Thought you might be Kat's climbing partner! Unfortunately I'm now in London and about to get on a very long coach ride. Thank you so much for the offer!

My mate joining me has said he wants to walk rather than do anything too technical, which is cool. It just means I'll have to go back! Again, and again, and again, and again!!!

Will have a look at the multi pass thanks!

Have a fantastic climb and say hi to Kat from me!


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