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alj - on 19 May 2013

Planning a family climbing holiday with some friends and wondering where to stay in Mallorca. I've been before about 10 years ago and have no idea where we stayed. We need somewhere close to climbing, not too far from not too hectic family beach, family friendly. Looking for general location suggestions.

If anyone knows anywhere specific, we'll have 2 or 3 families with 3 or 4 under 5's.

Any suggestions appreciated. Also any other suggestions of European sport climbing locations other than Mallorca. Main issue is it needs to be cheap and warm enough to climb at the end of October, beginning of November.

mark catcher - on 19 May 2013
In reply to alj: Cala D'or, deep-water soloing (assuming the children aren't climbing), lovely beach, and beach bar that plays chill-out tunes on the weekend evenings, at Cala SaNau. With regard to the latter, Kalymnos fits the bill.
mark catcher - on 19 May 2013
In reply to alj: Or there's Finale or Monaco, staying in the stunning hostels for 15 a night. Bargain.
alj - on 19 May 2013
In reply to mark catcher:

Thanks Mark. Will check it out. I'm guessing it's not to hard to get to some climbing that's not DWS too. Kalymnos was the original plan, so still checking it out. Just trying to go as cheap as possible.

Thanks again
bobmalaria - on 19 May 2013
In reply to alj:

I recommend the north east of the island, roughly around Can Picafort. It has a very long beach, so even in the busy season you will find a spot on the beach without feeling crammed.

Plus side for the kids is that the water is very shallow and you can walk in something like 30m without having a steep drop off.

There is plenty of climbing within a 15-60min drive (best to buy the Rockfax Mallorca guide) too.
alj - on 22 May 2013
In reply to bobmalaria:

Thanks - I think we have the guide somewhere. Will rummage!
nickh1964 - on 23 May 2013
At the risk of stating the obvious, try the Costa Blanca ? Cheap, loads of climbing, and we have had two trips that time of year with good weather and still warm enough to swim in the sea after climbing. Calpe has good beacjes for kids and stacks of cheap apartments.
alj - on 24 May 2013
In reply to nickh1964:

Oh thanks (always worth stating the obvious) - did think of it, but then forgot again!

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