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John Willson - on 20 May 2013
Very many thanks indeed to the public-spirited climbers from London Uni (I think) who removed a substantial quantity of tipped tvs (big ones!) and other rubbish from the Easy Way Down over the weekend.

Bobling - on 20 May 2013
In reply to John Willson:

Seconded - I was sad to see that the TVs had moved back in so quickly after the last clean up. Let's hope they stay away a bit longer this time!
BALD EAGLE - on 20 May 2013
In reply to John Willson:

Thirded good work guys!
crayefish - on 20 May 2013
In reply to John Willson:

The club was the London Mountaineering Club. And I'm not sure about it being a 'substantial' quantity but we brought up what we could given the time.
3 Names - on 20 May 2013
In reply to crayefish:

How incredibly sad it is, that someone can look out over that view and think to themselves, I know ill dump a load of shit down there.

Well done for shifting it
Urgles on 20 May 2013
In reply to Vince McNally:

I am currently developing a new crag in a really lovely spot and the farmer has dumped stacks of rubbish over the side from his field. Its horrible.
Rick Sewards - on 20 May 2013
In reply to John Willson:

Thanks for drawing my attention to this, and a huge thank you to crayefish and the other members of the London Mountaineering Club for this entirely unprompted clean-up - I was actually at Wintour's Leap on Sunday but didn't realise it was going on (though I did notice the dramatic improvement to the EWD, and I met various members of the LMC over the weekend at the Yat and the Leap). You've rather shamed me, as I was intending to organise a clean-up over the winter but never got round to it. What's left in that area will go within the next few weeks (no need for a big organised clean-up anymore - most of the bulky stuff has been dealt with).

I'll let the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (the landowners) know about this - I guess it just goes to show that the Wye Valley cliffs are "local" crags for people across a huge part of southern half of the country. Having lived as a London-based climber for a while I really appreciate the time and effort (on a cracking weekend) from people who've had to spend their Friday and Sunday evenings on the road to be here.



John Willson - on 22 May 2013
In reply to Rick Sewards:

I have this afternoon collected up all the remaining stuff (except the animal feed or whatever it is) from the Broadwalk up to the highest of the large ledges (i.e. well above the maunvais pas). It's bagged up in four bags which I have left neatly on that ledge, and just needs you to organize relay to the top and disposal. There was a lot of heavy and sharp glass and metal so the bags may need doubling up before hauling. Above this point there's only a small amount of small stuff left, not more than a couple of carrier bags worth.
paul wood - on 24 May 2013
In reply to The Pylon King:

Are you? Where is that then Mark?
I have enjoyed a few trips to your last place....Mounton.

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