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Easty14 - on 21 May 2013
Anyone know if there is a UKC equvilant for new zeland? im planning to go traveling round New Zeland for awhile hopping between crags however i imagen finding climbing partners will be the biggest problem so im hoping there is a well used forum site such as this one over there??
Neil R - on 21 May 2013
In reply to Peter Eastland: Try the following:

frqnt - on 22 May 2013
In reply to Peter Eastland:

No way near as much trafic as UKC, however: http://climber.co.nz/forum
rmt - on 22 May 2013
In reply to Peter Eastland: Not that many climbers here use any of the forums to be honest. I'd suggest dropping an email to the relevant sections of the NZ Alpine Club depending on the areas you anticipate climbing in - they may be able to hook you up with partners, or drop emails to the main indoor walls. You'd need to send less than 10 emails to cover most of the country! If you want to provide slightly more details of your trip I may be able to point you slightly more in the right direction.
nz Cragrat on 22 May 2013
In reply to Neil R:

The mojozone forum closed down and moved to the NZAlpine Club site - the new one is as stated less busy - the various sections of the NZAC also have websites and you could also use the Canterbury Mountaineering Club FB and web.
The one place you will probably not have problems finding partners would be Paynes Ford. Since most stay at teh Hangdog Camp. Usually a lot of people around from October to May.
Easty14 - on 22 May 2013
cheers guys, im still in the planning stages so havnt got any definate plans yet but this will be very helpfull. thanks
Julie Carroll - on 28 May 2013
In reply to Peter Eastland: I have a friend from New Zealand staying here in the UK at the moment and she says the best way to find partners while in NZ would be to go to the climbing gyms . . . . . In particular go to the Christchurch climbing gym. Have fun!
disturbed_one51 - on 28 May 2013
Unfortunately The forums such as climber.co.nz are relatively quiet (1-2 posts a week) but you may get lucky. As stated before the climbing gyms are a good way to contact people. Also a lot of areas have got facebook pages (Dunedin, Wanaka etc)where you can get topos and try to contact potential partners. It can be tricky at first but once you have met a few people most people know others in different areas you can get in touch with.

In some areas it is good to have local knowledge i.e Darrans. Finding guidebooks will be a pain as the south island rock deluxe and queenstown guides are currently out of print and finding one of those is like gold dust currently (trust me ive tried)

Amusingly you will probably get a better response from UKC than most NZ forums.
KiwiPrincess - on 28 May 2013
In reply to Neil R:
Basically it's a small world down here.
If you meet someone to climb with let them know where you're headed next they'll probably have a contact.
Wanaka and Paynes usually have lots of people climbing so you can wander around the cliffs saying hello until someone asks you if you want to climb.
peter myers - on 29 May 2013
In reply to Peter Eastland: Was quite a few years ago but, I met all the climbing partners I needed at Paynes Ford, specifically at hangdog camp. Folks are really friendly in NZ and once you know a few people it's easy to hook up with others. Ended up climbing all over the South Island often with the same people I'd met at Paynes or people I'd met through them. There's quite a few places you where won't meet anyone unless you've made a plan to go there with them like Charleston or the Darrens.
AlisonSmiles - on 29 May 2013
In reply to Peter Eastland:

I didn't need to look for partners to climb with but I did find by chance that Small Planet Sports shop in Queenstown in the evenings was a climber hangout. Weird.
Easty14 - on 30 May 2013
In reply to Peter Eastland: Cheers guys you have all been really helpfull,i shall try all these things, im planning on flying into Aukland then heading far north and back packing my way down into south island going to as many indoor and outdoor venues that i can... should be a laugh

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