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Topic - Best driver behaviour towards cyclists that you've seen

Tim Chappell - on 22 May 2013
With all the negative stuff around, it's important to point out, I think, that most drivers are no trouble to cyclists, and some drivers go out of their way to act well towards cyclists.

What's been your best interaction with a driver? Here's mine: I turned out of a side road onto a dual-carriageway with two kids on my bike's two child-seats. There was a serious hole in the road which I didn't spot in time, and my bike went over. So two children, an adult, and a bike were sprawled on the floor in the left-hand lane. The driver bearing down on us (in a brown Volvo, as I recall) saw what had happened, got his hazard-lights on, and stopped his car at an angle so that nothing else could hit us in the left-hand lane, and so that anything coming through in the right-hand lane would have to slow down to get round the nose of his car. Brilliant piece of driving. Thanks to him wherever he is today...
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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