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Topic - Motorists

yesbutnobutyesbut - on 22 May 2013
Every time I go out in my car there's motorists holding me up everywhere. Every time I stop at a junction I have to wait for other motorists to get out of the way so I can turn left or right. Every time I have to stop at Traffic lights there's usually five or Six of them in front of me, and then there's the idiots who actually wait til the lights turn green rather than pulling off when it's amber, whats that all about it costs me time, my time!

And then there's motorists on narrow country lanes going slower than I want to go, I'd make them retake their tests and charge them double for it! Why can't they speed up or just get out of the bloody way, my journey is more important than theirs.

And don't get me started on rush hour queues, why do all these motorists have to be in their cars at the same time as me causing me delays. And most of them are on their mobile phones and I bet half of them haven't got insurance or past their tests.

And as for Road Tax, I've got a massive car because I'm so important and I pay more than the other motorists so they should pull over and let me through.

If I had my way I'd ban every one else from the road except me because my journey is more important than everything and everyone elses'
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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