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KennyWright - on 22 Jun 2013
I am going to do the Salakantay version of the Inca trail. Does anyone know is the water is drinkable or if it needs to be purified first? Also I canít decide whether to take boots (I only have 4 season boots) or approach shoes. What are the trails like?

OwenM - on 22 Jun 2013
In reply to KennyWright: This is Peru, best to assume the water isn't safe to drink. Get some light walking boot or you'll kill your feet.
KennyWright - on 23 Jun 2013
In reply to OwenM:
Thanks, any suggestions re the best way to purify water on the trail. I have never had to purify water on previous trips. I imagine there will be plenty of streams to take water from. I suppose I could take a wee stove and boil some up in the morning and then put it into water bottles.
JXM - on 23 Jun 2013
In reply to KennyWright: I did the Salkantay walk 11 years ago. We didn't meet another tourist before reaching Aguas Calientes - I guess it is a bit different nowadays. I was fine in trainers and we didn't purify the water. However you do pass a few local communities walking down on the second day IIRC and I would probably recommend to purify the water before drinking.
KennyWright - on 24 Jun 2013
In reply to JXM:
Thanks, I think the Salakantay will still be fairly quiet. I imagine there will be a couple of other parties on it. I was thinking of taking a jet boil to boil up water in the morn but I would need to be sure of getting the right gas cylinders then. I'll maybe just take purifying tabs or drops. I might just take my approach shoes as I donít think the budget will stretch to new boots!
neil9216 - on 24 Jun 2013
In reply to KennyWright:

My girlfriend and I completed the Salkantay trek last year. we did it independantly.

we had 2 one liter sigg bottles each and filled them up in Cusco before leaving I also had another 2 or 3 liters in my pack however this was unnecessary as there are plenty of places to buy bottled water and snacks on the way.

as for the trail we had lightweight trekking boots on, trail shoes would be fine however my pack was almost 30 kilo as we took 5 days of food and i would not carry that weight without ankle support.

if you need any advice or info if you are planning an independant trip just let me know.

hope that helps

almost sane - on 24 Jun 2013
In reply to KennyWright:
Def purify the water.
there's loads of options. I last used Aqua Pure which gives a low weight low hassle solution. Others swear by filters. its up to you.

Light, comfy footwear is the way to go. As has been said, trainers would work.

Top tip as always - carry as little weight on your back as you can. Consider hiring horse plus horseman to carry your kit - it puts a bit more back into the local economy, and makes the walking MUCH more enjoyable.
KennyWright - on 24 Jun 2013
CarolineMc - on 25 Jun 2013
In reply to KennyWright: that's the filter that I use as standard on any trip whether it's dodgy lake district streams or unknown African ground water! also used it in Peru last year, not on the salkantay but same area. Zero hassle and very little weight. Recommend it! Co:
KennyWright - on 27 Jun 2013
In reply to CarolineMc:

I think one of our gang brought something similar to Alaska and it didn't work well. It was very difficult to get any water out. It looks like we would need one each for this trip as it looks like it holds less than a litre? That's £60 whereas water purification tabs will be cheaper although they might taste minging?

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