/ Dom Hut, Weisshorn Hut and Tasch Hut to Fluhalp

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phil27uk - on 26 Jun 2013
Just read that the hut has re-opened. I'm out in Zermatt in a few weeks and would like to walk up to the hut. I believe that there is a section of fixed ropes ladders etc up a rock band. How exposed is this? The second member of my party isn't too keen on exposed situations and don't want to slog all the way up there if it's going to freak him out. For reference we have done the Hornli Hut and Mettelhorn walks last year if that helps. Also is it worth going up to the Weisshorn hut? Last piece of info has anyone done the walk from Tasch Hut / Tasch Alp to Fluhalp? We're not Alpinist's but like the challenge of a tougher walk into the mountains, although the snow conditions may not allow this year!

Thanks in advance
Paul Everett - on 26 Jun 2013
In reply to phil27uk: Am assuming that ^the start of your message refers to going up to the Dom hut. The rock band is not difficult and I do not remember it being particularly exposed. Metal steps are put there to reduce it from an easy climb to a via ferrata type walk. Have not seen anyone use a rope there. Not done Taschhutte to Fluhalp but was at the hut last year and from a distance looked steep to the col. Went over the Allalinpass to the Britannia hut which is technically easy and safe but it is glacier and so usual precautions must be taken - came down from the Allalin pass on snowshoes but did wear crampons going up
punj - on 26 Jun 2013
In reply to phil27uk: as said above nothing to worry about up to the Dom hut from what i remember.

The Weisshorn hut is a good day out, similar in length (1500m?) to the dom hut approach but path all the way. this is likely to be the quietest of almost all the hut approaches in the valley.
steelbru - on 26 Jun 2013
In reply to phil27uk:
It's about 10 years since I did the Dom, but I don't even remember any ropes or ladders on the first day to the hut, thought it was just a long slog up ( about 1600m from valley I think ). I could well be wrong though !

Go for it !
jon on 26 Jun 2013
In reply to steelbru:

Have a look at this from today: http://www.camptocamp.org/outings/440182/fr/dom-des-mischabel-voie-normale-sans-assistance Carrying skis up to 3150m too. Fit bastards.
cb294 - on 27 Jun 2013
In reply to phil27uk:

On the Dom hut approach there are some stretches with short ladders and/or steel hand lines, but it is no VF. PM me and I can send you a couple of pictures (no idea how to embed them here).

It is a long but easy hike up through the larch forest with fantastic views across the valley to Weisshorn. You can see the entire east flank rising uninterrupted from Randa to the summit, something like 3300m in one go.

cb294 - on 27 Jun 2013
In reply to cb294:


If you go up the path to Domhütte and decide that the rock step is too much, you can always turn left just below the rock band and go to Europahütte. There is a easy footpath from the Domhütte approach, and you will get almost the same views as from a bit further above.


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