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Topic - Convince me bouldering isnít always Disappointment on Toast.

lex - on 16 Jul 2013
Ďow do all.

Iíve tried a fair few times to go bouldering and I always seem to end up wandering around looking for something climbable. I then find what looks like the best bit of rock, and its either way too hard (canít get off the ground), daft easy or above a sea of incisor looking fangs of boulders that would snap a leg as soon as look at them. Quite often I canít even be bothered to get my boots out of my bag.

Iím trying to get back to the giddy heights of comfortable on E1 but working offshore has scuppered any strength, stamina and skill I once had. Due to the random nature of my work, mid-week partners for roped climbing are often difficult to find too. So, bouldering should be the perfect thing to get some strength back up when I canít go climbing.

I live in Aviemore so have started to look at some boulders round here - Link boulder Ė couldnít get off the ground or too easy, Cake shop block (mossy dank overgrown pine needle strewn rock with a 6í wide cave). I stopped off at Warton Pinnacle Crag off the M6 the other day Ė again pretty scrappy and disappointing. Denham Quarry on another M6 stop-off Ė 15í of traversing and that was that. Backk to the van for a brew. Crookstones a year or so ago was better Ė there was a stuff to do there with mostly nice landings.

So, should I either accept that UK bouldering is crap and readjust my expectations, or can some-one recommend some decent venues where I can tire myself out? Something in the (English) 4c to 5c with some 6a I can work on with nice landings.


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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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