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Topic - Diet asistance: muscle building

Flinticus - on 16 Jul 2013
Another poster's query reminded me to post this one.

I'm vegetarian, aged 43 (I think age affects the ability to build and maintain muscle) and have been using the local wall for the last two years, probably about 3 times per week. Presently I weight about 10st (and have for the last 20 years or so). However, over all the time I have been climbing my arms remain fairly...puny. While there has been a slight increase in muscle tone & mass, its not much. I notice that I tire out very quickly on severe overhanging bouldering routes, where my arms must take a lot of the strain (please don't reply about using your feet to take your weight: I know that), and I am getting fed up.

What could I add to my diet to help, keeping things as 'normal' as possible, i.e. less of the pills & powders.

I also get exerice through hill walking & cycling, neither of which improve things arm wise! I'm not looking for Arnie biceps or the ability to bend iron bars but just to pull myself over an overhanging roof more than once or twice in a session.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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