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dondon - on 16 Jul 2013
Chapel gate, Stanage causeway, bits of Houndkirk road, Bradley lane between Pilsley and Hassop, Mill lane between Stoney Middleton and Eyam, and now the track leading down from the big quarry on Longstone Edge into Rowland (mentioned in the White Peak MTB guide as one of the best 10 downhills in the White Peak) have been turned into tarmac or flat gravel tracks in the last couple of years.

Whilst I appreciate that damage has accumulated over the years and does need management, the character of many of these routes has been significantly degraded, at least in my (by no means hard-core MTB) opinion.

Is there no way of improving these tracks - some of which were admittedly practically unrideable in sections (but that's part of the fun...) - which doesn't completely sanitise them? Are there any MTB groups which talk to the Peak Park authorities to ask them to perhaps resurface them with slightly less zeal? Are there any more gems soon to be taken from us?

lowersharpnose - on 16 Jul 2013
In reply to dondon:

I thought they were resurfaced like that to deter offroaders and/or trail bikes - by deliberately making them boring to ride.
bigdrew - on 16 Jul 2013
In reply to dondon: Also pretty disappointing about this happening. Yes they have been approached, the reply isn't good news http://www.ridesheffield.org.uk/2013/07/response-from-derbyshire-county-concil-to-our-letter/
balmybaldwin - on 16 Jul 2013
In reply to dondon:

These are all By-ways and green lanes aren't they? it's a shame, especially as I think it will lead to more abuse of bridleways by motorbikes and 4x4s
Timmd on 17 Jul 2013
In reply to dondon:

I think the wind and rain and bikes and feet will probably erode them eventually, the Stanage Causeway (upto Stanage Pole at least) is starting to be eroded again.

Chris the Tall - on 17 Jul 2013
In reply to dondon:
Ride Sheffield does what it can, but as the letter linked above show, the councils have statutory obligations which totally disregard the interests of mountain bikers.

The visual impact at Stanage bothers me, along the possibility we will see more and faster traffic on it, but not so much the work itself - in it's current state it's no fun to ride up or down.

Tracks do rough up over time, and maybe the best we can do is just adapt and be flexible. For example having Chapel Gate climbable means the Kinder loop is now entirely rideable clockwise, but not exactly easy.

Mill Lane ? - Riley's Grave is much better anyway

And can someone tell me when Cavedale gets sanitised - did it yesterday but without much grace !
Timmd on 17 Jul 2013
In reply to Chris the Tall: A few walkers I've talked to appreciate it being smoother though. I tend to focus on the scenery when I'm there, and you can still get there faster than walking.

There's worse things than sanitised tracks...

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