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Skyfall - on 10 Oct 2013
Well, I was looking forward to a week or so of swanning around the Utah national parks such as Zion and Arches until our friends across the pond decided to behave like school children resulting in a closure of all the national parks.

So, what was intended as a non-climbing trip, could potentially become a climbing trip as a result. I am sure there is plenty of climbing within driving distance of Vegas (which we fly into/out of) but what isn't in national parks (eg. Yosemite) and what would be worthwhile for a punter trip? Bear in mind we could take enough gear for a sports climbing trip but trad would be a pain. I'm afraid I am only currently good for f6b max.

Quick ideas for me to research if anything sounds promising would be really helpful. Thanks.
madguernseyboy - on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to Skyfall:

OMG. Red Rocks is just outside Vegas, like 4-5miles from the strip! (I am sure someone will comment on my distance is wrong). There is also loads of climbing from sport, Boulder, multi pitch and big wall.
But with the goverment shutdown I imagine you can't get to it.
Well worth looking into it though.


loose overhang on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to Skyfall: As you may know, Red Rock Canyon is close to Vegas. Unfortunately, a large part of it is under the US Government's Bureau of Land Management. I think there is lots to do outside that area though, smallish sporty things at the north end (Calico) and big walls to the south (Black Velvet). Let me know if you have more questions.
Skyfall - on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to loose overhang:

Yes I've heard of red rocks but I was led to believe it was all a bit "hard", no? As I say, I'm a total punter. Any more guidance on what is accessible would be great. I suppose I can always post on a US website!
Skyfall - on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to madguernseyboy:

Thanks also.
Jenny Monkey - on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to Skyfall: we were there in april and the red rocks national park will most likely be shut as its gated etc, but theres a turn just before you get there to calico basin which has some great routes from about 5.5 upwards i think. We climbed there to save paying for the entrance to the park!!!
Offwidth - on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to Skyfall: Red Rocks has some of the best big mulitpitch trad in the world from 5.6 (HS). Single pitch available from 5.0 (mod) Sport from f4. Look here:

Lenin on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to Skyfall: Bishop is a nice days drive away through Death Valley so the drive is of interest. The Bouldering there is pretty damn fine and there is other climbing in the area, and the sarnies from Shatts are to die for.
If stopping in Vegas when you ask for a room they will probably offer you something for $50 which would be good but you will find they have Suites and stuff for a bit more which are an awesome experience, I nearly drowned in bubbles in a Jacuzzi in a diamond suite at the Monte Carlo, when they said "use no bubble bath" I took it as a challenge rather than an instruction. Make sure you buy beers and nibbles for in your room off the strip.
For Bishop info mail Mick Ryan of this parish.
Cheers sjc
Simon Caldwell - on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to Skyfall:
The loop road at Red Rocks is shut - this is used to access the northern section of the area. But the rest is accessed via the main highway and is still open; only the bits you get to from the farthest parts of the loop are inaccessible. The majority of the easy stuff seems to be in the bit you can easily reach, but the majority of the sport looks to be in the loop area (I may be wrong on the sport, as I've only been looking at the trad for our forthcoming trip).

More generally, State Parks are mostly (all?) open, and at least some National Forests (possibly most/all of them?) appear to be open for access (though visitor centres and camp sites are shut).
loose overhang on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to Skyfall: I just took a look in my RR guide book and the National Conservation Area covers all the climbing areas, but access to Calico Basin can be off of a residential street, so you should be alright there. The walk in is not that far. I've stayed at a cheap motel called Bonnie Springs. It is pretty shabby, but it is really close to the climbing. You'll need a car, inexpensively rented from the airport. There is an Albertson's grocery store going towards Red Rock Casino. By what you've written it looks like the sport stuff is what you're most interested in, but the big climbs are great. Maybe see if you can meet up with some locals. The standoff over Obamacare could be over at any time.
Simon Caldwell - on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to loose overhang:
I have been told by locals that foot access to the National Conservation Area is not restricted. The only things affected are the campground and the scenic loop road, both of which are shut.
pec on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to Skyfall: Some more info on Red Rocks here http://www.supertopo.com/climbingareas/redrocks.html and here http://www.supertopo.com/topos/redrocks_prev.pdf

Snow Canyon in SW Utah isn't far from Vegas and is a state not national park so may not be affected http://www.summitpost.org/snow-canyon-rock-climbing/276947

There's also Las vegas limestone http://www.rockfax.com/climbing-guides/old-books/las-vegas-limestone-islands-in-the-sky/

Basically there's more climbing in that area than you could visit in a lifetime, quite a lot of it won't be in national parks. Try researching here in the Utah/Nevada/Arizona/California areas http://www.mountainproject.com/destinations/

You're bound to find something suitable. Good luck.
loose overhang on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to Toreador: Yeah, roads which are gated, into national parks and such, will be shut. But access trails from State highways and Interstates which cross through parks are open of course. I heard that North Cascades NP authorities were asking people already hiking The Pacific Crest Trail to leave the park. I can't imagine anyone, who has walked from Mexico already, to abandon their hike, when so close to the end.

Friends of a friend had to cancel their holiday in Yosemite this week.
colina - on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to Skyfall:
Before I went to vegas two years ago I joined the vegas climbing club website ,as it turned out didn't do any climbing but the oppoertunity was there .check out climbing clubs in vegas on the net .the members will give u an idea of wots about and you may be able to hook up with one of our American cousins.
Skyfall - on 10 Oct 2013
Many thanks everyone. That's given me enough to get looking properly.

The power of UKC !
ebygomm - on 10 Oct 2013
In reply to Skyfall: I think there's plenty to see in Utah even excluding the national parks. The drive from Zion to Bryce is nice and still possible.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/83246699@N00/1430737640/in/set-72157602138998735 This is just off the highway on the drive to Bryce.

Kodachrome basin state park is also in that area and not affected by the furlough.


Goblin valley state park further north is pretty cool too
fibonacci moose - on 11 Oct 2013
PeakDJ on 12 Oct 2013
In reply to Skyfall:

The Calico basin area is not under the land management service, and has LOTS of great climbing (sport, bouldering and trad).

Jack's Canyon is good for sport in Arizona (about 1.5hrs east of Flagstaff). Not sure how far away that is for you. Paradise Forks also quite good.

rgold - on 13 Oct 2013
In reply to Skyfall:

Straight from the BLM's mouth:

Greetings Red Rock Canyon Climbers/Visitors,

Your visit to Red Rock may be affected by the current Government Shutdown. Our latest Red Rock/Sloan Field Office staff meeting indicated the following areas will be closed to the general public and permitted operations:

13 Mile Scenic Byway
Campground (vacated within 48 hours)
Red Springs Picnic Area
159 Overlook

However, you may visit other areas of Red Rock Canyon NCA that have not been closed. This includes locations such as Black Velvet Canyon, First Creek via 159, Old Oak Creek via 159, Kraft Mountain, etc.

Most of the Red Rock / Sloan Field Office will be furloughed before noon today. Exceptions to the furlough include law enforcement officers (LEOs).

Below is a link to the Government Shutdown contingency plan for the BLM. www.doi.gov/shutdown/fy2014/upload/BLM-Contingency-Plan.pdf
Offwidth - on 13 Oct 2013
In reply to rgold:

Cheers for that. You're a real asset on UKC, we need more like you.
Jmes - on 13 Oct 2013
In reply to Offwidth:

Don't despair. It looks like some Utah parks will be open again thanks to state funds this includes Zion, Arches, and Canyonlands!!!

Olli-C - on 13 Oct 2013
In reply to Skyfall:
I feel sorry for the guy who spent the time putting a 'search for crags by location' function on this website! Even if the Red Rocks loop road is shut you can take the right turn before that to head into the Calico Basin. Loads to do. If its still really warm the limestone will be good. If you drive up to St George in Utah (half a days drive) then there's absolutely loads round there too (certainly not restricted). Red Rocks isn't hard there are more easy sport routes there than hard ones (+ the grades are soft) the climbing is amazing and its really well bolted.
Offwidth - on 13 Oct 2013
In reply to Olli-C: Sure, but flying from the UK to Red Rock to sport climb? Really?? Equally some of the stuff in Calico Basin is lovely but easy day lovely, not world class lovely. I say get to the bigger trad climbs outside the loop road or better still trust it will probably re-open.

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