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alexjz - on 11 Oct 2013
Hi, I've just got a beastmaker 1000 (yeeew!!) and have now got to set it up!

My best option is under the staircase at the front of the house, it's not ideal as it's a small dark room but it's right next to the living room so it's not that bad. It's dry and easily accessible. The stairs are concrete.

What are my options? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I was thinking: fit rawl plugs into the concrete (how many, what type? I don't know), fix a sheet of 3/4" (as recommended by BM website) and screw the BM1000 to that.

Otherwise there's a doorframe that seems pretty solid but I was told it would fall onto me if I put the hangboard there... and no one wants that.

Cheers, Alex
drolex - on 11 Oct 2013
In reply to alexjz: I have fit 24 plugs in the wall over my staircase (concrete), screwed a 3/4'' plywood board in (approx 75cm x 30 cm) and screwed the board into that board. It's bombproof (probably an overkill)
drolex - on 11 Oct 2013
In reply to drolex: be careful to keep enough space on the sides of the BM for one-arm deadhangs (or pulls-ups but I am not there yet)
alexjz - on 11 Oct 2013
In reply to drolex: 24 plugs! sheesh! And I thought half a dozen would do the trick.
puppythedog on 11 Oct 2013
In reply to alexjz: http://www.ukclimbing.com/forums/t.php?t=559565

my thread which was similar and lists what i did.
drolex - on 11 Oct 2013
In reply to alexjz: yep that might be too many of them, hopefully somebody will come and mitigate my number... 12 would have been an absolute minimum I reckon. Mine hasn't moved in 2 years and is very frequently used. But maybe somebody will come and tell you they have achieved the same with only 9 plus
alexjz - on 11 Oct 2013
In reply to puppythedog: Thanks puppy, good advice and looks to be what I need to do. Sounds like my wall might be a bit more uniform than yours. Beastmaker still holding up? :p
xplorer on 11 Oct 2013
In reply to alexjz:

As long as the concrete is solid, then 9 10mm rawl plugs with appropriate screws is plenty to fix the ply to the wall.

You would be surprised how much weight it can hold, as most of the force is directly down, the shaft of the screw takes the weight.

My setup has not moved at all since installing. Considering the actual hang board is then screwed to the ply with 6 screws, it confirms the holding power.

No need to get to technical about it all
puppythedog on 11 Oct 2013
In reply to alexjz: Yeah, solid as a rock. I could hang a...

...well a bigger dog I suppose off of it.
alexjz - on 11 Oct 2013
In reply to xplorer: thanks for the advice, like puppythedog, i'm no DIY wizz but it sounds like even I could do it.

What drill bit would I need? And would I need a special type of drill?
mattrm - on 11 Oct 2013
In reply to alexjz:

Assuming that you're 100% sure you're drilling into concrete or brick (breeze block I assume?) then a normal 18v combi drill (make sure it's set to hammer) with a suitable sized masonry drill bit for the rawlplugs that you're planning on using. It will say on the rawlplug strip and the packet which drill bit you use. I'd use 70-80mm screws. Buy the screws from screwfix, much cheaper than B&Q et al.

Make sure you use a wire detector to make sure you aren't drilling into a wire. It's fun if you do however.

My board is on maybe 4 screws (one in each corner). 24 (or even 12) sounds pretty mental. As long as you use suitably long screws and the right sized rawlplugs, I can't see why you'd need more than 6 at most.

If you have plasterboard walls, then you'll need to figure out where the studs are and screw into them. If you just put standard rawlplugs into plasterboard, they'll just rip out, probably under the weight of the board itself. Studs are the wooden frame that the plasterboard is attached to.
alexjz - on 12 Oct 2013
In reply to mattrm: Thanks mattrm, this is all very helpful.

Just found another hitch though, with the rain last night, that room got really damp and was seeping a bit, which I didn't realise would happen as I moved in in summer and it was so dry. Is this damp issue going to be a problem? Any help appreciated.

Cheers, Alex
Jimbo C - on 12 Oct 2013
In reply to alexjz:

If you can get 4 bombproof fixings for your plywood pattress, that should do it. Honestly, that's all most joiners use for hanging door frames, windows, etc.
MichaelConstantinou - on 12 Oct 2013
What I did was to erect two chin up bars between a door frame, one about a foot below the other. I screwed the beastmaker to some ply wood (the length must be greater than the distance between the chin up bars) and then got two other pieces cut to the same width with the length a little more than the diameter of the chin up bar. Screwing all three pieces together I was able to create a sort of hook which went over the top of the first chin up bar with the plywood (with beastmaker attached) stabilised against the second chin up bar. Works fine and you can remove when not in use. I can dust it off and send you a picture of it if it helps.
jwa - on 12 Oct 2013
I have limited DIY skills, but can't you put rawl plugs into the wall, then screw the Beastmaker directly into those? What's the ply in between needed for?
slapperv6 - on 12 Oct 2013
In reply to alexjz:

Forget rawl plugs, use frame fixing type screws with a torx head, loads easier and four wiill be easily strong enough.
Donnie on 12 Oct 2013 - host86-146-86-24.range86-146.btcentralplus.com
In reply to alexjz: I've built a wooden mounting that I hang from a Power Bar chin up bar. You can hang it in what ever door you fancy and take it up and down. Works really well.

It's a bit like this guys - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjonfMP3yDY

alexjz - on 12 Oct 2013
In reply to MichaelConstantinou: thanks for all the help guys. Turns out I can't drill at all so it looks like its going to be a removable set up like the chin up bar set up some of you guys mentioned.

Michael could you send me a pic?

What chin up bars do you use? Cheap and cheerful is good but I obviously want it to do a bomber job as well. Recommendations very welcome.

Cheers, Alex.

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