/ Wanted: winter boots sz12, 2 pairs crampons, 1 walking axe?

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purkle - on 05 Nov 2013 - user since 27/Jan/13
Hiya, looking forward to first winter mountaineering season - Scotland, possibly Alps next summer. I've got B2 boots and looking for crampons for walking / scrambling, not full ice climbing (although this may come into it in the future so something that covers both would be great); prefer binding like grivel's new-matic (back lever, front strap). anything old and cheap considered.. ;)

Also need boots and crampons for my partner, size 12 needed, similar needs - i.e. don't need full-on expedition-style boots, just stiff-soled winter boots like Asolo Peak / Alpinist etc. Crampons similar to above, depending on boots obviously.

Also could maybe do with an axe for him (walking) if cheap?

I'm based near Glasgow but happy to pay postage etc.

Thanx folks :)
purkle - on 05 Nov 2013
In reply to purkle: ah, also he needs a headtorch, pref something a bit brighter than my petzl tikkina.. but not one of the giant things that feel like you've got a dead monkey attached to your forehead.. ta!
aldo56 - on 05 Nov 2013
In reply to purkle: Yhm regarding a walking axe.
purkle - on 09 Nov 2013
In reply to purkle: Still seeking size 12 boots, 2 pairs of crampons pref c2, headtorch.... be great if anyone's got these :)

Crampons wanted would prefer c2's as want only slightly flexible ones, and would prefer new-matic style binding (back bar, front strap), 2 pairs one for me & one for partner, cheers :)

Doghouse - on 09 Nov 2013
In reply to purkle:

I've a couple of pairs of size 47 La Sportiva Nepal Extreme's if that's the kind of boot your looking for. One pair nearly as new and therefore expensive :-) and one pair well worn but with lots of life left and therefore cheap :-))

Mail me if you're interested.
rodw - on 10 Nov 2013
In reply to purkle: yhm
molly2202 - on 11 Nov 2013
In reply to purkle: Hi - Ive got a decent pair of Grivel G10's, as you describe, basket at the front, clip at the back. About to ebay them for 70 buy it now..... Oh, includes a case for them....
purkle - on 11 Nov 2013
Thanks all for replies, still needing size 12 boots as my partner def wants B2's (or poss B1's) as we'll be doing lots of walking without crampons also.. not found the right crampons yet as would love a 12 point but am completely skint.. 70 would maybe be ok for the perfect pair.. just.. but would still get in troublesome troubles with the bank manager!! so also still after 2 pairs crampons, also a headtorch, thanx folks :) much appreciated.

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