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Topic - British Climbing

AMorris - on 08 Nov 2013
Now, everyone knows that the UK breeds the best trad climbers, I think largely due to the fact that its not just our top end tradders that seem to be utterly fearless but the local "yeah I live 2 miles down the road and was conceived and born on these grit crags" types aswell. But I get the feeling from what I have read/heard from climbers of other nationalities that the UK just generally breeds strong climbers. This is nicely illustrated by the fact that foreigners tend to get shut down by our top end boulders/sport routes/trad routes (Ondra getting very convincingly shut down by Hubble and reputedly walking away from VNB without touching the holds, Team America getting shut down by The Groove, and don't get me started on our hardest boulders) yet our best climbers seem to travel to other countries and send their hardest stuff fairly quickly (Gaskins in Jura, Ty Landman in everywhere). Now don't get me wrong, people like Nalle, Woods, Graham, Ondra etc etc etc are ridiculously strong and talented which confuses me as to why british climbing seems to shut outsiders down (though I would like to see those 3 to make the hop over here and Ondra to come back and get on Hubble again). Is it that they are not used to our style of climbing, or that we are just a strong type.
Alternative I could just be wrong and biased.
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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