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needvert on 10 Nov 2013
After having spent a few nights under a tarp recently, I'm sold on them being an extremely light and versatile piece of equipment. (In the last year I've started wandering around with walking poles, too.)

Any thoughts on what size would be sufficient for 1-2 people? I was originally thinking 8.6'x8.6' but thought I might want some extra length so am now thinking 8'x10'.

I'm 6', friends tend to be similar or slightly shorter.
Oliiver - on 10 Nov 2013
In reply to needvert: I imagine it depends on what shape you'll be pitching in. I'd try the guy from backpacking light.co.uk he knows a thing or two about tarps
abr1966 - on 10 Nov 2013
In reply to needvert: I Haven't been under a tarp for decades but when i used to larger was always better than smaller. Get one with plenty of eyelets. Depends if you are out on open land or in the wods etc i guess. A mate of mine uses tarps a lot but has 3 sizes and often carries 2.
ColinVern - on 10 Nov 2013
In reply to needvert: I used the terra-nova adventure tarp 2 this summer (2.9x3.0m), and it easily fit 3 of us plus gear. Was pretty lightweight and packed down small so would recommend it! The adventure tarp 1 I think is smaller/lighter so might be better for 1-2 people.
TobyA on 10 Nov 2013
ice.solo - on 11 Nov 2013
In reply to needvert:

id look into some of those curved-cut designs the little US companies are doing. what you gain in footprint will be offset with less flapping material. some awesome stuff coming out of that scene right now - if you can get hold of it.

id go larger than smaller personally, then you can seal down the edges with rocks/snow when the weather is truely shit, along with just getting the edges closer to the ground in general but leaving useable space.

whatever you get, trry and avoid ones where the guy loops are non-water absorbent otherwise they become an issue.
needvert on 11 Nov 2013
Sounds like 8'x10' will be fine for 1-2 people.

Was thinking one of these:

Good point about the guy loops given there are 20 of them. They look to be thin nylon non-tubular webbing. Hmm.

Will have to have a think if a flat tarp or a catenary cut tarp is the go.

Am interested as to how well HMG's cuben will go.
cliff shasby - on 11 Nov 2013
In reply to needvert:Have used the us army poncho's for years with 2 peeps no worries,not sure on the dimensions though....
Andy Manthorpe on 11 Nov 2013
In reply to needvert: Have you seen the Mountain Laurel Designs 'Trailstar' ?

It gets good reports.

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