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Topic - Hemsedal, Lærdal, Valdres Winter Conditions

Jamie Simpson on 28 Dec 2013

The start to the winter season has been very mild with periods of cold followed by rain. Not a good start.

We climbed on the 22nd december Haugsfossen in Hemsedal. Good, but wet ice. A bit hollow in places due to the melting. Indre Haugsfossen was thin the pillar section looked just like an icicle. Didn't look secure enough for an ascent. Had a look at Rjukandefossen, not good. Some short pillars but more water than ice. Plunge pool open. Toresetfossen looked like it had ice but to far away to see if it was doable. Grøtenutbekken looked like it was forming, couldn't see the if there was any ice in the narrow section. Hydnefossen looked like it was forming. To far away to see if it was climbable or not.

On the 23rd drove to Bergen and back today. Drove down Lærdal from what I saw from the road nothing remotely in. Lower and middle Lærdal, nothing at all just waterfalls at the moment and little if any snow until the upper valley is reached. Some good looking ice over Filefjell.

Gudvangen. Waterfalls, some ice very high up. Drove through today less ice today than on the 23rd :(

In Vang kummune quick drove pastt Langåni. Forming but the first pitch looks thin and maybe not complete. Top pillar looks very sporting right now. The rest of the ice routes in this area were not in at all.

I´ll try and keep this updated through the season if i remember.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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