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Fredt on 30 Dec 2013
My daughter (in her twenties) is planning an extended (5 month) holiday travelling around Thailand, doing the full tourist bit, but not climbing.

The current political situation worries me, (and I know nothing about Thailand anyway)

The Government advice seems a little vague, boiling down to 'be careful', but I don't know if that is standard 'cover my arse' wording, or whether this is a heightened risk at present, or if Thailand is risky anyway.

Can anyone offer me any advice I can pass on, or can anyone allay my fears? (Naturally she is not worried in the slightest, - but I am a dad).
Fredt on 31 Dec 2013
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Anyone, please?
PeakDJ on 31 Dec 2013
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Where is she flying into? Usually, when there is any trouble of this nature in Thailand, it only really affects tourists passing through Bangkok - with the airport incident a few years back being a memorable incident. The rest of the country often carries on as though blissfully unaware of what's going on in the capital.

We fly into Krabi in the South in mid Jan, and I'm not especially worried about any disruption to our travel plans.

It sounds like flights in and out of Bangkok aren't being affected at all right now, and I would guess that unless the situation worsens alot then that situation is unlikely to change much. I wouldn't worry about it....
RadekNowak - on 31 Dec 2013
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Hi Fredt,

Being a little late, but perhaps will put your mind in rest. basically, nothing to worry about as long as you daughter will stay on the touristic paths.

I have few friends around there at the moment and i am also working for leading UK tour operator looking after all the trips to SE Asia. We also follow FCO advice, and if trust me, you can trust them. if they will say not to Travel to Thailand unless necessary, than bring your daughter back. Otherwise, she will be 100% safe there if she will use her common sense and behave responsible.

Hope this helps,

Cheese Monkey - on 31 Dec 2013
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Can she get a 5 month visa?

Thailand is very safe. I would be wary of spending long in the extreme South on the Malaysian border. Petty crime is common on tourist buses between major destinations. If she makes the extra effort to go to the regular bus stations she'll be fine
kirsten on 31 Dec 2013
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avoid public gatherings, protests etc, and she'll be fine.
ElBarto - on 01 Jan 2014
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I'm currently in Bangkok ad I'd say it's fine, I got here on the 9th of December and for 10 days was staying right in the middle of all the protests, walked through the dead centre of them on a daily basis and some times more than once a day. No problems what so ever or even a hint that there would be one, their peaceful protests actually seem to me peaceful rather than those back home which may or may not be.

As someone else already mentioned here it's a good idea to keep away from the protests as a general rule of thumb but I haven't and won't be making any effort in the future to do so here as it seems fine to me.

Two things to take note of though, firstly if she's staying around the Khao San road area getting a taxi to her accommodation could be tricky due to road closures, which roads are closed and which are open keeps changing. This can cause a problem generally with transport but I just walked everywhere which I prefer anyway, only wanted to use taxis to meet friends who weren't close by to where I was.

Secondly there is a scam running where someone will walk up to here, tell her it's dangerous for tourists due to the protests (it's really not) and get her to take a cheap 'government' tuk tuk (there's no such thing) which will take here to shops and such where they'll charge her to much for stuff. This scam has been around for ages but I think because they're saying the protests are dangerous more people are falling for it (I've spoke to a few who have). Although at worst if you call for this scam you lose time & money but at best if you don't buy anything you lose time.

If you want to know any thing else feel free to send me a message, will be in Bangkok for a few more days.
rickeden - on 06 Jan 2014
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Hi, I'm living in Bangkok. I would say its fine to come to and travel in Thailand.


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