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Topic - So, these crap old downhill skis of mine :-)

Tim Chappell - on 01 Jan 2014

They're comfy, though. And they're fine for downhill.

But the thing is, there would clearly be no harm in an upgrade. And the other thing is, I'd like to do a load of ski-mountaineering once/when/if the bloody weather behaves.

So I have a number of options:

1. Carry on schlepping the downhill skis and the boots up to the top, then stick them on and ski down again.

2. Try just buying some skins, loosening the ankle-bindings, and walking uphill in my downhill ski boots + skis.

3. Buy the full kit for ski mountaineering/ touring.

Pros and cons for each:

Pro: cheap, and maybe downhill bindings are a ton better than touring bindings for downhill stuff, I wouldn't know.
Con: not very flexible--I can't just flick a switch and change from downhill to uphill mode, as you can with touring bindings. You get cold when you get to the summit and switch mode. And thereafter, you're committed to downhill mode--you can't realistically change back to uphill more than once, it's too time-consuming and you get too cold.

2) Pro: cheapish, and I get to keep using downhill bindings for downhill, which may be a big advantage--I don't know.
Con: more flexible than (1), but after all, you still have to put the skins on every time you change mode. And might I get shin-bang?

3) Pro: this is, no doubt, the proper way to do it.
Con: very pricey, and might I get shin-bang? And are touring bindings any use for downhill, really?

Your thoughts please. Feel free to recommend me a set-up.

Oh, and by the way--if possible I'd like to support the Scottish economy directly by buying whatever kit I end up buying in a local(ish) shop. I'm prepared to pay something other than rock-bottom prices to help somewhere like the winter-sports shop in Braemar turn an honest penny... So, any recommendations for a good place to buy skis that isn't online?
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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.

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