/ Any thoughts on the Sony NEX 6?

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jld579 - on 17 Feb 2014
Am looking to buy a compact system camera and have seen some good looking deals for the Sony. Has any one had much use of this camera? Is it small enough to lake out on routes? Or any alternatives I should consider?

Roguevfr - on 17 Feb 2014
In reply to jld579:

Check out Chris Townsend's blog, he uses Nexs (nexii) ?
THETWIG007 - on 17 Feb 2014
In reply to jld579:

Pleased with mine, just make sure you get the motorised pancake lenses so it packs down. One negative is the eyecup is VERY easy to loose. Be careful and secure it with some tape!
davidbeynon - on 17 Feb 2014
In reply to jld579:

They have very good sensors (pretty much the same as nikon crop sensor SLRs), and some decent lenses. A better choice than micro 4/3 in my view.

I don't own one, but have borrowed one.
Toerag - on 18 Feb 2014
In reply to jld579:

You need to check the lens range as I believe it's a bit lacking compared to m43 and Fuji's X cameras. The latter two seem to be going places whereas NEX seems quiet due to the launch of the A7/r
AllanMac - on 13 Mar 2014
In reply to jld579:

Just bought a NEX6 myself a few days ago, as a replacement for Pan LX3. First impressions are that the quality is v good - the APS-C sensor is a good one and the lens not bad. I'm still struggling a bit to get to grips with the complicated menus, but I guess that's just a matter of time.

The standard 16-50 lens sticks out a fair way and the viewfinder eyecup can get knocked off easily getting it in and out of my present bag, so I ordered a bigger one to prevent that happening.

I advise getting an off-camera mains battery charger. Charging batteries in-camera is just plain daft. I've ordered this travel one for 8.95, as I'm off to the States at end of June (haven't got it yet, so can't tell you if it's any good!):


There are negatives with this camera, but I'm pretty certain the quality of results will outweigh those several times over.

Chris Craggs - on 13 Mar 2014
In reply to jld579:

I have had the NEX-7 for about a year now and the results are brilliant - the tricky thing is that the kit lenses available are all a bit of a let down. I eventually bought Sony/Zeiss 16-70mm which is a bit bulky but is a fine lens.
The 6 is supposed to be very good value for the spec,

ChrisJD on 13 Mar 2014
In reply to jld579:

The Sony NEX camera you actually want (need) is a Fuji X series camera ;-)
Hairybiker on 14 Mar 2014
In reply to jld579:

I've got a Nex-6, it'll fit in a chest pocket OK but echo Allenmac's comments regarding lens and eyepiece. It works great as a point and shoot but can do so much more. I've got a long lens for it too and was taking some pictures of kitesurfers at range, the quality of the shots are superb and, if you get the settings right, it has an impressive shoot rate too. Was going to go for a WP DSLR, so glad I didn't!
Cragproductions - on 21 Mar 2014
In reply to jld579:

I have an NEX 5-t and it is fantastic. excellent sensitivity to light and the motorized zoom compacts nicely. I have a small camera case that I fasten to my backpack and I take it with me everywhere. (Lowepro Dashpoint 20, which fits it perfectly)

This is my first real camera, before that I just used a mobile phone.

For some of my shots over the last 3 months with an NEX, check out my Flickr page - it should give you an idea of the potential quality, as this is what an amateur can achieve...

Enty - on 21 Mar 2014
In reply to Cragproductions:

I love your photos. I have a Nex -3 and looking at your flickr gallery I think I need some help learning how to use it

ChrisBrooke - on 21 Mar 2014
In reply to jld579:

I've got a NEX-6. Bought it just under a year ago from Wex and it's since come down over 200 in price. I've really enjoyed using it though - my first 'proper' camera. My best purchase since was the 50mm prime lens. Most of my favourite photos were taken with it. The lenses are generally quite expensive. I'd love the wide-angle for landscapes but can only dream.

My flikr, all taken in the last year with the Nex-6: http://www.flickr.com/photos/105585253@N07/
moffatross on 25 Mar 2014
In reply to Chris Craggs:
- the tricky thing is that the kit lenses available are all a bit of a let down -

The short flange-sensor distance makes the NEX series good for all sorts of manual adapters for other lens manufacturer lenses and I have acquired a little collection of 1970's-1980's Minolta MD fit 35 mm manual lenses; Rokkors, Vivitars and Sigmas etc. I use them with a Mitakon focal reducer and get full frame images from them and benefit all the extra light gathering power that they bring. They're all fully mechanical and manual focus of course but the results with the NEX 7 OLED viewfinder (think the NEX 6 is similar) and the likes of the Rokkor 50mm 1.4 and Vivitar Series 1 70-210 are great if you've time to compose and focus. Those lenses were really high quality (they cost hundreds of pounds each 30-40 years ago) and can be had now in excellent nick for just tens of quid on ebay.

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