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FarmboyUK - on 11 Mar 2014
Hi fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

As I am lucky enough to currently live less than 20 miles from Dartmoor NP I am spending more and more time on the moors and have really taken to wild camping.

At the moment I am using an old Coleman 1.5 or 2 man tent that weighs 2.5kg. I am now looking for something a bit (or a lot) lighter but still fully appropriate for the wind/rain and bogs! I am aiming for 1 - 1.5kg all in.

Whilst there are many options that meet my criteria the options list gets somewhat shortened once I set my budget at 150-200.

It appears to me that by far the best way to spend my money would be on a Sil-Mini Peak 2013 from BackPackingLight - http://www.backpackinglight.co.uk/shelters-1/WF106.html

I was hoping someone or a few people on here have experience with this tent or similar 'tarp-tents' in the UK. I am very much open to suggestions of alternatives.

One thing I do love is the space to weight ratio and the knowledge that I can bring a mate along quite easily if I wanted to. It seems from the few reviews I've found that this style of tent holds up to weather quite well but would love more input before spending the money!
BigBrother - on 11 Mar 2014
In reply to FarmboyUK:

You might want to look on the outdoorsmagic forum http://www.outdoorsmagic.com/forum/

I have seen quite a few threads/posts there from users. Most have been pretty positive I think.
IPPurewater on 12 Mar 2014
In reply to FarmboyUK:

Have a look at the Hex Peak too, on backpackinglight. It looks a better design. Could be easier to vent while cooking inside due to the J shaped zip.
RankAmateur on 12 Mar 2014
In reply to FarmboyUK:

One thing that's vital is to set it up in the garden beforehand. Check that all the guy ropes are attached properly, that all the tensioners are rigged the correct way around.
Nothing brings more misery than having a tent collapse on you in the wind and rain, especially if it could have been easily avoided.
FarmboyUK - on 12 Mar 2014
In reply to FarmboyUK:

The Hex Peak does look like an upgraded version. I had not looked as I had assumed it was a larger, heavier shelter.

I think I might take the plunge in the next few weeks and get one ordered. Hope it can stand up to the winds of Dartmoor!

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