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superturbo - on 12 Mar 2014
Hello all,

So it transpires that Ironman are releasing more places for the IronmanUK race in Bolton, taking place on July 20. I've been offered priority entry in advance of the main sale.

I'm currently on track for sub-3.30 in London Marathon next month. Thoughts on being able to get my cycling/swimming/combination of the three up to scratch in time? Longest I've cycled is ~100 miles, swam 750m (London tri last year), with a couple of marathons in the past.

I'd be looking to hit the sub-13hr mark.

Is entering this a ridiculous idea with three months to go, even if I am marathon fit? Interested to hear from any ironman veterans/experienced triathletes.

many thanks

Toby_W on 12 Mar 2014
In reply to WillBroad:

No, go for it. The first ironman I did I injured my knee three months before so did no running or cycling prior to doing the Weymouth half a few weeks before (to test brokenness) and I did it in just over 13 having suffered for my injury and having heatstroke on the run.

Completing an ironman is easy, doing it fast is hard. You'll have fun aiming your training towards something, you'll (hopefully) have a great and challenging day out doing fun stuff and even if you are slow you'll have an easy PB to beat if it's your first one.

Good luck.

andy - on 12 Mar 2014
In reply to WillBroad: It is, of course, over 4 months away if it's on 20 July...

ClimberEd - on 12 Mar 2014
In reply to WillBroad:

Easy, I did a half with 5 weeks swim and run training on the back of being bike fit. (I have also subsequently done full)

You clearly have base fitness if you are doing a 3.30 marathon.
The swim isn't nearly as difficult as it sounds as you are jet propelled in a wetsuit.

4 months is plenty of time to be able to do 112m on the bike without too much trouble.
Get a good bike though, I can't stress this enough.
Nutrition is key.

And I predict sub 12hours for you (1.20 swim, 6.30 bike and 4hr run)
ClimberEd - on 12 Mar 2014
In reply to WillBroad:

Oh and I think I put a detailed report on racing a full on here in September last year.
Toby_W on 12 Mar 2014
In reply to WillBroad: also being a good runner you'll start your strongest discipline just as people like me leave ours and start shambling round like zombies. So you'll have the ego boost of running past people to help balance the increasing fatigue.

Good luck, post something after.


Steff - on 12 Mar 2014
In reply to WillBroad:
I can't answer this, as I have not done an ironman, but have recently been forced to decide on the same issue and you might be interested in my decision:
A new ironman distance event has been created very close to were I live and could have a place. I consider myself fit enough (run ultras, swim 2.000m twice a week, can cycle 6-7 hours without problem). However, I have decided to take a transition year. Do a couple of olympic and half ironman distances first. As someone has said above, for the fit finishing is not that hard (whilst I have not done ironman I know this to be true from other endurance events), but doing well probably needs some experience in shorter distances and I feel there is a silly tendency for jumping into the long and hard stuff in all sports.
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superturbo - on 13 Mar 2014
In reply to Steff:

Thanks for your replies everyone.
Steff I think you speak wise words. I'm definitely guilty of being too eager to jump into long distances. I'd want to guarantee that I could get sub 13, and with my lack of swim/bike skills its a short time improve. Planning on a fast time in London tri in August, signing up for a 70.3 as you suggest then full iron next year.

@ClimberEd - could you link me to your race report please? I've searched but couldn't locate it.

ClimberEd - on 13 Mar 2014
mountainbagger - on 13 Mar 2014
In reply to ClimberEd:

Wow, I really enjoyed reading that. Thanks ClimberEd!
superturbo - on 14 Mar 2014
In reply to ClimberEd:

Top write up that, inspiring
ClimberEd - on 14 Mar 2014
In reply to WillBroad:

No probs, it was 'emotional'

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