/ Wanted: While I'm at it, Full body harness?

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Caralynh - on 13 Mar 2014 - user since 15/Nov/04
Anyone selling a full body harness suitable for a pregnant woman? Not sure of size, pre-pregnancy was 8-10, now it's anyone's guess!
Cara x
In reply to Caralynh:

Prepare for the tirade of abuse about to come your way!!!
(Ignore it all, my wife climbed while pregnant, upto 41.5 weeks, and baby arty is fine! Don't allow your baby to dominate your life or you'll grow to resent it)
Caralynh - on 13 Mar 2014
In reply to Cookie (North East Wales MC):

Haha, well we're told to stay active, and active for me doesn't mean indoor exercise! I'm still working as a frontline paramedic (after a lot of negotiation and risk assessments) so I don't think some easy climbing is going to hurt!!
Wonrek - on 14 Mar 2014
In reply to Caralynh:

I've got one, will try and dig it out and get you a pic? Think it was only used on a dozen or so routes. I'm not a hardcore climber like yourself
Caralynh - on 14 Mar 2014
In reply to Wonrek:

Thanks! Hardly hardcore, just want to keep having fun
If you can send me a pic and a price that would be great xx
GrahamPye on 14 Mar 2014
In reply to Caralynh:

Full body harnesses are used a lot for fall arrest on building sites etc., so are readily (and fairly cheaply, e.g. 20 - 30) available from a lot of places both on and off-line - you might think it's worthwhile acquiring your own in just the right size. Watch out though that a lot of them only have an attachment on the back, whereas you'll obviously need a front one.

As a bloke, my opinion hardly counts but when I lent my full harness (which I got to allow some "large" people to abseil) to a friend while she was pregnant she said she didn't find it very comfortable. Perhaps it was just too big for her!

Good luck with the pregnancy.

mmmmcake - on 14 Mar 2014
In reply to Caralynh:

Hi. I have one you can have for free if you are still looking?
akh - on 23 Mar 2014
In reply to Wonrek and mmmmcake:

Hi, I'm in a similar situation, looking for a body harness, am 28 weeks and pre-pregnancy size 8-10, guess those things are quite adjustable though? So whoever didn't end up giving the harness to Caralynh, I'd be interested to buy it.
Caralynh - on 12 Apr 2014
In reply to Caralynh:

Hi guys, could anyone who was offering me the sale or loan of a harness please get in touch? Really need one for the Easter weekend if at all possible.
top cat - on 12 Apr 2014
In reply to Caralynh:

Just a thought.............what about adding a chest harness to your sit harness?

Maybe it's not quite the same??
Caralynh - on 12 Apr 2014
In reply to top cat:

Problem is the bump! Sit harness waistband goes either straight across it (dangerous for baby) or I have to do it up under the bump (dangerous for me). If I can't get hold of one here, I'll just have to do a quick dash into Needlesports or Joe Browns (depending where we head to next weekend) before climbing
Carolyn - on 13 Apr 2014
In reply to Caralynh:

You might need to talk to Needlesports now - they had to order one for me, wasn't a normal stock item. But that was 9 years ago (eek!)
Caralynh - on 13 Apr 2014
In reply to Carolyn:

Thanks Carolyn. I've found ones now online by Edelrid, Rock Empire and Petzl. Will make a decision and order one I think. Probably the Rock Empire one since the Edelrid ties in very low, and Petal costs a fortune!
iccle_bully - on 13 Apr 2014
In reply to Carolyn:

I would advise you to try them on and climb in them if you can. All of my local walls have them for hire and the Petzle one is so much more comfortable to climb in. I think it was the rock empire one that kept slipping off my shoulders as I climbed... I would spend the extra money and get a petzle one.

Good luck.
Carolyn - on 14 Apr 2014
In reply to iccle_bully:

My experience was that none of them were particularly comfortable when it came to sensitive pregnancy boobs......

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