/ Reccomendation Needed for a Video of Double Rope Belaying

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RobScotland - on 14 Mar 2014
Hi all,

I'm teaching a new climber and because I'm some distance away at the moment I thought I'd try and find him a video on YouTube explaining good double rope belaying technique so that he could get a basic understanding of that before I start teaching him in person. I've watched several 10s of videos but so-far none of them are much use - most cover only single rope belaying and many show flawed technique. Can anyone recommend a good web page or video on YouTube or elsewhere which demonstrates and explains good double rope belay technique? (Even just a video explaining good single rope belay technique would be a help.)

I often find that new climbers are tripped up a little by the transition from belaying with a single fat rope on a climbing wall or bolted route to belaying with double ropes on trad. We take this skill for granted so it's easy to forget that it can be tricky for beginners. At most climbing walls and crags it's easy to observe significant numbers of people using unsafe belay techniques so it's extremely important for new climbers to be taught best-practice good belay technique from the outset and for them to be aware of the importance of not picking up bad habits they see around them - I don't want to start a discussion on general standards of belay technique but it would be a great help if anyone could recommend some good videos or web pages explaining good technique for beginners.

Many thanks,

cbonner - on 14 Mar 2014
Mark Kemball - on 14 Mar 2014
In reply to RobScotland:

Thanks for that link - a really useful video.

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