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Ben FR on 04 Jun 2014
hi, I live in Grenoble and my local club wants to try the famous gritstone cliffs, in particular stanedge.

so has anybody got any advice on places to stay etc...

muppetfilter - on 04 Jun 2014
In reply to Ben FR:

Hi Ben, would your club be wanting to camp or stay in a Bunkhouse or Cottage ? There are several options for all of these, also will you be driving or using trains/busses ?

This is the nearest campsite to Stanage, its also near Pubs which serve the Famouse flat warm English Beer and bad food ;0)


buxtoncoffeelover - on 04 Jun 2014
In reply to Ben FR:

Camping at North Lees campsite below Stanage; bunkhouse at Thorpe Farm; house/cottage hire in Hathersage or other Hope Valley village; Sheffield options if you want to sample city life too. That should give you a range of options to suit most budgets/tastes. All within a few minutes of Stanage/lots of quality grit (eg Millstone, Bamford, Froggatt/Curbar etc. Nik
Ben FR on 10 Jun 2014
In reply to Ben FR:

ok thanks, i'll look into it
Jon Stewart - on 10 Jun 2014
In reply to Ben FR:

Out of interest, what makes you want to travel all the way from Grenoble to climb at Stanage?

Perhaps depending on what grade you're climbing at, I think it's worth visiting Stanage and the gritstone crags when conditions are best for climbing - spring or autumn. You do get good conditions in summer too, but you also get humid, sweaty days when the climbing is impossible and the midges are out. This completely ruins the experience.

The climbing, as you probably know, is generally rounded friction climbing on very hard sandstone. It's not that dissimilar to other sandstones really so don't expect to find something completely amazing that you've never experienced before (unless you've never done any trad climbing on outcrops). It is great in its own way, but the routes are very short and it's often rather like bouldering: sometimes just a couple of hard, technical moves which might have good protection or might not.

Personally if I was coming to the UK to climb in summer, I wouldn't bother visiting the grit, instead I'd climb trad routes on the wonderful sea cliffs, but each to their own. Just as long as you don't have unrealistic expectations...
Ben FR on 11 Jun 2014
In reply to Jon Stewart:
hi, yes i know its not the best time to visit stanage, personally i recomended north wales, but the club seems to have their heart set on stanage. As far as the climbing goes, a lot of the students have probably never climbed on gritstone, keeping in mind france in general is limestone.

what sea cliffs did you have in mind ??
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