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mike.gore - on 05 Jun 2014
Hey just wanted to check out - is it normal that the side plate of the new, unused GriGri 2 rattles and wigles ? I compared it with the other grigri 2 on the gym today and mine rattles and is loose more that the others.
ex0 - on 05 Jun 2014
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Mine wiggles a bit as well. Doesn't effect its operation though.
3414peterk - on 06 Jun 2014
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From memory, the test is, can you shut the device such that the pin (in the cam) fails to engage in the outer plate, or some wording pointing to the same idea

There should be better inspection info in the product instructions that came with it, if you can't find them, have a look on the petzl web site.

Hope that helps.
Nicola Ciancaglini on 09 Jun 2014
Hi there,

My GriGri2's side plate rattles and wiggles a bit too, but it never concerned me to be honest. However, don't take any chance. If you're in doubt contact Petzl directly. See here: http://www.petzl.com/en/outdoor/support-frequently-asked-questions-faq I did contact them in the past about other issues, and although not super fast, they do reply and give sensible advice.


mike.gore - on 10 Jun 2014
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